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  1. Dirania


    The ideas as a solution are very nice, but every mmo has an auto walk button. I do not understand why this game doesn't have that. I have rheuma (fybromyalgia) and playing Atlas for several hours a day is killing my wrist. I am trying to try one of these solutions but sadly do not have any weights to place down. I truly hope autowalk can be added! You shouldn't have to work with toothpick or weights to play a game comfortably.
  2. Dirania

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    So happy with the icebox and spear gun! Thanks!
  3. Dirania

    stuck floating on a boat

    To say this is not a bug but a fix is rather stupid to say to me. Do you have eyes? Does this look like a fix? Obviously they intended to fix it, but it when horribly wrong. So yes, that is something we call a bug. I will make sure to stay far away from everyones ships until another fix, yet it is very annoying!
  4. Dirania

    stuck floating on a boat

    I have the same problem. I really do not want to lose my loot after dying, it is such a struggle to get it back!
  5. I completely agree and understand. Although I do not think disabling decay in freeports is the solution, something must change. Not everyone wants to or can swiftly find a nice company. We should not be forced to log on in the morning before work or right before bed, to try and save our ship. We cannot devote every hour from our day to this game and almost feel guilty for having to sleep. Small crews or tribes should be able to have fun too. Though I do think they would have more fun on a PVE server, I hope something can be figured out to make the game a little more interesting to those people. I wish to find a company myself, though want to take my time to find one. Since the moment I join it, my ship becomes theirs. Leave the company means losing your ship.
  6. Dirania

    Ramshackled Sloop self destructed

    I just saw patch notes, stating this problem is fixed. I am going to try it today. I tried it! It works smoothly again. Beware ocean, here I come!
  7. You are right, I just found it! Thank you. ^^
  8. Are they working on a solution for the Ramshackled sloops and rafts self destructing when leaving the freeport map? I am stuck in freeport since the patch.
  9. Dirania

    Ramshackled Sloop self destructed

    As I feared my ship sunk whilst I was sleeping last night, because I am stuck in a freeport. No use playing until this is fixed. I wonder how long that will take them!
  10. Dirania

    Ships Disappearing when hopping servers?

    There is already a thread up about this. Problem is horrible if you are stuck in a freeport on your ship. Constantly needing to prepare it. I fear it will be gone when I wake up tomorrow morning.
  11. Dirania

    Ramshackled Sloop self destructed

    I am afraid to sail off on my new sloop now. I hope they fix this soon, everyone is doing a lot of farming to build it and prepare to sail off. But staying in a port damage your ship. I am so afraid that when I go to bed tonight, tomorrow my ship is destroyed.