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  1. Callo

    pve WTB Land NAPVE

    Hey there! Just wanted to stop by and let you know F.E.S. has plenty of land for lease! Stop by our area in K10 to check out the plots.
  2. Sorry for the delay! Yes we do have a Discord channel, DM me on here and I can get you a link.
  3. Two claims have been rented! Why wait to rent yours! Many prime beach locations still available! Rent has been lowered by 5%
  4. Callo

    Note to Devs before next pve claims patch

    Active players and NPCs... its also rumored that Tames will contest, though I dont think that is true. Why would they limit land claims? They are promoting it with the top 5 leader boards as well as special ship figureheads. I for One welcome unlimited landclaims.
  5. It would help! I think they still need to work on the leasing system a bit but that is probably on the back burner as QoL
  6. Callo

    pve NA PVE WTT Metals

    We have an abundance of Copper, we would be willing to trade for Iron AND Cobalt! Callo#7169
  7. Callo

    pve PVE NA LF Land

    We have land to rent! Come check out our post for more information!
  8. This is correct, all of our rented claims will be restricted to beach front builds to prevent resource diminish.
  9. Callo

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    Bump for Dev's to look into.
  10. Posting to remember!
  11. Callo

    Maps bugged

    Some crew mates and myself set out last night with the hopes of getting rich during the double gold event.... we were greeted with a ship of bugged maps. After the third bugged map and no treasure we gave up. We did two Fine maps both in N10, the first was on the top of the tallest spire, the beam of light was green (which we have never had any luck on) we get to the top and nothing spawns, map on hot bar and equipped to hand. After a few moments of walking around trying to trigger it we give up and move on. The second one was on a beach on another island, this one spawned the Army of the damned! Yay. However after we kill all of them and we go to dig up the treasure we are greeted by a message stating there is one mob left. Nope no there isnt. Nothing is around, nothing visible. We leave. Third is back in K10, a normal common map. This time the beam is red and inside a house.... Does anybody else have this much issue with maps?
  12. Flat Earth Society welcomes any and all friendly players to come and build your base on our land! We have multiple plots available for rent in K10 (a quick sail to the m12 FoY) which is a very friendly zone. Bountiful resources, which include: Wood: Strongwood and AgedWood Thatch: Fronds Metal: Copper Crystal: Quartz Fiber: Straw Sap: Honey Tames: Chickens, Pigs, Horses, Monkeys, Parrots, Seagulls, Rabbits, Bears, Wolves, Lions, Giraffes, Cows/Bulls Coming Soon: Open crafting stations within our player made Trading Port!