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    volume of feeding trough sound

    So I search and see this from about a month ago, but I still have this issue with the larder. It's insanely loud, it can be heard through by headset by people in discord. That and Startled Ostriches...
  2. EloraDonovan

    New update pushed back

    Honestly I just want the bookshelf. I'm just hoping they squeeze it in one of the smaller patches because seriously there's no reason for it to be delayed. I've been holding off on a map room because we were waiting for the bookshelf. I now have a forge full of maps I don't have any room for. Lol
  3. EloraDonovan

    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    I really don't mind the delay that much, but please. Can we just get the bookshelf in? Please?
  4. EloraDonovan

    Creature Designer

    Bull - Should be able to pull carts Giraffe - Currently pretty useless Horse - Would love a tighter turn radius, and also they should be a passive tame, or we need lassos. Penguin - Temp regulation should work on tames, I've heard it doesn't. Seagull - Somebody mentioned a weather alert system, I love that idea. +1 Wolf - Nerfed way too much. They need a weight, health, and damage buff, they're hardly usable and not at all worth taming anymore. Which stinks because they'd be my favorite otherwise.
  5. EloraDonovan

    Paint on ships

    I've heard many people talking about this issue. Must have been an issue with the last patch.
  6. EloraDonovan

    Gold Weight

    This. I saw this post on Reddit as well. And while I think it's a valid point and that gold weight should be lessened some, couldn't help noticing that it doesn't actually say what type of weight it is.
  7. EloraDonovan

    Unsatisfying resource cost fix for stone.

    Should be less of both. There is one island in our grid with metal, and it has about 6 nodes. It’s actually stupid.
  8. EloraDonovan

    unable to access newly tamed creature's inventory

    We also have this issue. If it happens every time you tame something new that’s gotta he high priority...
  9. EloraDonovan

    Teleported Across Map

    Walked out of base and hopped on a bear with a cargo cart only to find there was an alpha wolf outside. Tried to run, but the bear was killed. However instead of me being killed next I had a frozen screen and then found myself in the ocean in them exact center of my region. (Home is in the far west) I had to be rescued off a small sliver of land before I froze to death. I assume it glitched me under the map somehow and this was the games response.