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    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    So is the NA PvE network coming up immediately (or as soon as possible) after the PvP Empires coming down? Or is the NA PvE launch sometime later over the weekend. That part wasn't particularly clear. Would like to be able to plan for the NA PvE launch, so would like as much notice as possible. Also would be nice to experience the Easter event on the new NA PvE network.
  2. Rabid

    Need Help Understanding Claims

    Even with the updates made, this system still has problems. I had two claims overlapping claims, which both were refreshed w/in the last 24 hours. I come back today to see that somebody has overlapped both of these claims w/o contesting them. Now the overlap area shows as THEIR claim. How can that possibly be the expected behavior. I've tried to make claims that overlapped and i'm always told that you have to contest the other claim. Apparently the other company figured out an exploit, or the system is still bugged.
  3. Rabid

    tame Tamed Lion is Not Leveling

    Same issue for me on a lvl 29 Bear. Tamed to lvl 42, but no levels or XP since. (Although I had tamed another bear earlier in the day that IS getting XP)