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  1. What about piracy ? Can we hope to get some piracy action in the future ? In the game, we can do a lot of things, but the core of the gameplay is to build a company, conquest islands, fight against other companies... just a war game at the end. I want to attack merchant ship, steal their goods, kill sailors, fight against the military ships trying to defend them !
  2. Do game designers really think that domesticated creatures do not feed their offspring ? Why on hell did they introduce such a mechanics...
  3. Some patch ago, it was possible to claim a raft after the decay timing wear off. Now you can't anymore.
  4. Disable ship sinking because of the weight. Make them unable to move, but not sink !
  5. Same for us. We lost our sloop 3 days ago, and our Brigantine this night. Once again, we found the same guys taking the last resources from remains. It was guys from TwitchTVAssassine84 company, with some tamed creature to hold resources. A guy named FishiiiTV was there, both time. This company got same kind of loss 1 day before us. I wonder if they are not doing the same thing to others in order to get resources quickly to rebuild their ship again... or just frustration... Anyway, i was playing on pve to be able to play with 2 friends only, small company. I know that i can't PvP with such a company, but i really hoped playing on PvE would be possible... No hope now.
  6. Day 818. Age 74. So, 1 year on Atlas world last... 15 days ? What a wonderful world ! Come on, you can keep an aging system just with one adjustement. If a year last 365 days (amazing idea), we'll have to take care of our age after 2 years of real life...
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