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    Phantom Islands!

    Not as cool as it sounds. Rocks in the water around the coordinates, clip through them if you try to hop on. Tiki thing there too. n9 lawless. 77.99/-12.01 cheat TP N9 -211261 -139074 530
  2. Got a few ships parked on territory i just claimed on US-PVE, tried to grapple onto them but the hook just bounced off and returned to my hand with no durability damage, hopped onto the deck of the boat from the dock its parked at and now i'm floating in a corner of the main deck. Can't control movement, cant swing my grappling hook, cant drop a claim flag. :/ cheat TP D5 105489 258494 568
  3. Getting an intermittent bug after using radial menus that makes it so that you can't turn beyond a certain point. Instead of being able to spin freely you get limited to 360 degrees. opening inventory seems to clear it.
  4. I'd happily deal with skill trees and known craftables being on separate tabs if i could actually see a majority of the tree at once. For now i'll just use atlascalculator .com for planning before I spend skill points.
  5. Logain

    See the compass while piloting your ship

    Grab a sextant and spot 7 stars for an 11 minute buff, ezpz