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  1. Also experiencing this on PvE - Gorgon's Gaze, J7: cheat TP J7 -306476 328993 297
  2. Can confirm this is happening far too often.
  3. PoRt

    PVE Claim time

    That's negative 2, so it treats you like you have 2 less than the max to be at the minimum time. Just go place 2 more land claims (ocean floor even)
  4. I noticed the distance on contesting a claim is very far outside of the zone. I have attached an image for an example of how far outside of the claim I can stand to contest. Thank you,
  5. The game was designed to only allow you 3 days of inactivity, and sleeping bodies would not prevent a contest. This is how we took your land, fair and simple. The whole point of atlas is to control land. They have a dynamic map, map.playatlas.com, specifically to show leaders and they are now rewarding them with special in game cosmetics for doing so. Arguing how you lost land, or kept to your selves is not our concern. We walk the island daily to check for claims that can be captured, it's the point of the game to do this. Overlapping claims, mean nothing. Not once did we build in your area. Other groups on the island, who have placed foundations in our neutral building areas to block resources. Why don't you look at people like this who are denying resources altogether, versus a group playing the game as intended. Thank you,
  6. We noticed you had been off for the 3 day timer, and in v16.33 they made the change "PvE claim flags now only allow logged in players to contest the claim", so we took your land out of spite because of the discord ban from the community that you triggered. Even though another group owned (at the time) more land on the south island than us. My last Discord message was my moment of letting you know, I saw you playing World of Warcraft, that we were able to take your claim (due to inactivity).
  7. As a member of said company, "the doves", I can assure you no exploits were used. When taking a third-party company we made sure to place flags in each corner of the claim we were taking. This may be a bug, but we assume it's how you are suppose to play, considering downsides were introduced to owning more flags now. If our area overlapped another company with an existing claim, it did nothing for us. They still are able to build and own their objects. I discussed this with you on Discord. It appears many people get upset that they see red overlapping when holding H, so they freak out. You specifically were declaimed, stolen, using the 3 day timer where you were not online. Now that timer is much longer, but we got you the day (maybe more) before the changed to be much longer. It was also after all sleeping bodies were wiped for inactivity, looks like your group fell into that category. If you weren't playing for 3 weeks, you are considered inactive. If you believe the people sleeping were not inactive that long, then there was a bug, but I assure you we did not know of it.
  8. When switching a flag to not include individual or company that places something within it, the decay timer should not reset when they log on. This is causing a lot of griefing on PvE.
  9. Changing the Sort By is cleared without changing the sort option. Please persist for at least the session duration, if not on the client side (LocalStorage or Cookie)
  10. When assigning ThumbMouseButton2 to the Extended HUD Info in place of H, the Extended HUD (such as zones) are not shown while holding the mouse button. This was working prior to v8.35 Thank you,
  11. I have noticed others get a new key on death, but after killing both a hydra and a dragon my key does not reappear. NA PvE
  12. Just teleport with the beds, instantly touch all zones you control.
  13. Someone cracked the server admin password, RIP security team.
  14. I got disconnected while placing an object on the shipyard last night, when I try to reconnect I am stuck inside the shipyard's stone. I appear outside of it on my screen, but my game is constantly shaking. It appears I cannot kill myself either. NA PvE ccc: cheat TP N8 47536 59495 -96 Thank you,
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