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  1. Please increase the number of SotD in Golden Age Ruins. It's supposed to be a "dangerous zone" and it's less dangerous than a freeport these days. People shouldnt feel safe in those zones.
  2. Where are the all SoTD in Golden Age Ruins?
  3. What a great game. Can't reconnect on my boat after going from a grid to another. That was the first bug to deal with it since it's there since the beginning. But yeah, give us some fancy powerstone and useless figurehead before fixing the game.
  4. Does EA means u can"t stick to a schedule? I cant even understand why they put a day on something. EVERY SINGLE announcement was delayed. Remember when the submarine was the February update? And the lack of transparency and informations from both developpers and community managers is silly. They pretend to listen to the community, but we got nothing but chimera. If this is what early access, we might not have the same definition, and this is obviously not the definition they sold us. I fully expected wipes & all the bug we faced. I didnt expect those false timer and the worst schedule of all time. The game is suffering from that. Nothing else.
  5. Im probably going to play after the wipe, but im not sure when v298129833892 is gonna be up. They had to deal with a major problem regarding Canvas & stuff.
  6. schedule /ˈʃɛdjuːl,ˈskɛdjuːl/ noun 1. a plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times.
  7. Basically, I lost a boat doing rollover in the middle of the ocean then getting damage from NOTHING. Then i got a flying elephant 100 meters above my boat after putting it onto my brig. Then i lost stuff which was inside my inventory. And also some invisible bears that i cant see by myself. Dunno what u guys did, but i feels quite unfair on my side.
  8. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words And yes, that's our Galleon here.
  9. What the heck is that. I've been in O14, 5 Leatherwing, 2 wolves and 2 Lions are stuck in the entry of the cave so u cant enter in. Full troll.
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