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  1. kinda what I was saying but with 2 claims per player apart from having the choice to move your claim to company territory or not. See what youre getting at But all this aside.... wouldent it be good to try a server with a cap per player ( and per company if required) to see how it would play out? Id like to see it. The only real big issue I had with previous system was that players could just spam the claims, company or not. In theory it wasn't any different to foundation spam in lawless I guess
  2. Ok thank you I see the point. But what happens to player number 6 joining the company? Does he not get a claim entitlement? And I assume this would happen to company players 7, 8, 9 and 10, before you get to the next company claim tier? The only problem I see there is that it will kinda put people off joining companies? which is very similar to the current claim system: cant have a claim but can live under someone elses?
  3. yes but youd only have 2 claims now. One person could not just spam for miles as before. Even a company would be limited to 2 per player. So still an element of spam maybe: If company players would be willing to use their 2 claims just to fill space. I see what you mean, but a hard limit of 2 would be very different from how it was. You wouldent be able to stick your 14 down as you once did. You would need another 6 players in company just to do that. Be nice to see the screenshot though
  4. But what happens if, say, 10 players each set up there claim, then form a company? Claims would be taken away? Just trying to understand the system
  5. Well that would be the cap? 2 flags per player? Ok so 500 player company has 1000 claims? Takes time to get to 500 players I imagine? Plenty of time for smaller companies to grab the land they want? And if there has to be a company cap ( which im not against btw), surely just be a start to try the system? If popular, changes to caps can be made after? Just be nice to try what a lot of people suggested and wanted all along. Grapeshot got nothing to lose. Sorry trying to make myself clearer. You find an island and claim 2 spots. Then find super company you want to join. That's cool. But then youd have to chose to move your claims to company territory or stay where you are. No more extra claims. The only issue I see with general company cap is how do you set it? Not being an arse, just wondering where anyone would set the limit? We played as a smallish company before wipe, so cant really judge what a fair level for a company cap is.
  6. cos maybe they would like to see how it works? fuck it, okay, make it a live server.... EAs all testing anyhow
  7. How about it? Put up a test server with a claim flag limit with flags working as they used too? say 2 flags per player. No company cap. Company has 100 players, that's 200 claim flags for the company? It would be interesting to see the player figures for a server running like that. I reckon you guys may be surprised how quickly it fills. ( yeah I know the old argument about mega company claims, but it would still be capped to 2 per player maximum. A large company would naturally have more claiming ability). I mean itd only be a test server right? could always be removed? got nowt to lose. Just a weird far out idea
  8. Feel for you. Shame nobody at Grapeshot ever comes here
  9. same boring old crap. File this under "more grapeshot bs"
  10. you are correct "get it right" A bit like SOEs old "soon"
  11. Farewell and good luck. We are offski too. Be safe
  12. Change your topic subject to "we are all going to die before the server wipe comes because they keep putting it off" TY
  13. Hang on a minute...…. im playing early access to essentially test a game, so icould join the PTR to test the game I will be testing on the early access. Will there be a PTR2 where we can test stuff before we test it on PTR before we test it on EA? Just release it on the EA and we will test. Youre wiping it anyway so what does it matter? Annnnnnyway. We're not up for any more delays. Possibly the death knell for our small group of players. Fun while it lasted
  14. That's just too funny. Sad thing is though...…. it doesent seem to far from the truth
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