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  1. Yeah i know. And the number was 5000 "before" the wipe announcement. Grapeshot game are f Amateur devteam 2019. You need to read the captains log before you make "your complain too" They talk about pvp split in half. Not a pvp vs pve gameplay
  2. Wow...Dev have really no clue for the futur of this game. They try to split the rest of the player, but for what purpose at the end ? Happiness for everyone ? that's all ? You have miss your shot !! It's too late anyway. You have not enough player for this developper. Wake up ! Look : https://steamcharts.com/app/834910#7d
  3. You think with the new system, little company could survive ? good one ^^ + you need players for create new small company, or you talk about big company who create a lot of little one(make nonsense). Good luck with that : https://steamcharts.com/app/834910#7d Without the island new system and structure, the only think who can work is to make 100-150 players limitation company and make a new alliance system. New littles companies can come back and fight together against big company. + each time your company grow, each time a limit number of alliance is make. So for example if a big company has 10 players, she can make an alliance with 20 companies. If She has already 50 players, she can make an alliance with only 2 company, and If she has already 100-150 players, she can't make alliance, she's alone.
  4. The dev plan is big company only, so 250 limit it's already hard for them. You can't make a good alliance system anymore, so if you limit too much the big company....well game over !
  5. https://steamcharts.com/app/834910#7d That include all server https://atlasgame.info/ The max on an official server it's less than 2000 players Just for clarify things ^^
  6. Wow Only 8200 max players before the announcement ? well +200 islands after the wipe for around 2000 players. I think you can farm xp on your own island with no risk for a raid anyway. ^^
  7. That's dev plan. They don't want multi little trab in alliance either, like mine. Only 10 Friends in a company with other 10 friends, etc...pff no ! It's a nonsense for their logic. They want a game with 5 vs 5 Big company with slave. If you still want to play pirate company with your friends, well you can but...ho boy
  8. Yeah it's good, less toxic guy.. but wait ! The big problem is ...you are still here
  9. Settlement owners can freely damage other characters and structures on their island. Settlement Build Rules Only the owner of a Settlement will be able to build offensive structures (mortars, cannons, and swivels) on their island, outside of Wartime. Structures that are built on a Settlement which do not belong to the Settlement Owner will have a decay timer.
  10. Anyway that was unnecessary. Lot of troll but zero answer so far. Hope someone can say if it's a bug or if it's normal. Ha thanks so it's not just me.
  11. lol have fun, and it's an english one just for you : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octet_(computing) It's still octet in French
  12. iT's GIGA OCTET !! 1 Octet is 8 bits
  13. Omg xD It's like" i mesure with foot !! And i can't trust a lambda man who say he uses meter ! " People in Europe and around the world use Giga or Tera octet. And i'm not a nerd.
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