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  1. Two things: One, are animals spawning inside your base going to be fixed anytime soon? I just spawned into me being dead to a level one Lion that was inside my base with no damaged walls. It's rather annoying losing everything to an animal somehow getting into my base without damaging walls and the only way to get it out and kill it is to destroy some walls. Two, what are we supposed to do about someone purposely sinking someone's ship on NA PvE Servers(N10) using weight? The kids name was Revan033 - Darth Revan, he was apart of Booty Bandits before they kicked him and acted like they didn't know him to avoid retaliation, Booty Bandits are also ones that kite animals to peoples bases to destroy them and take their land. I'm assuming this is an abuse of a bug that shouldn't even be there in PvE. If anyone is close enough to the walls the animals are able to kill the people on the inside of the walls without ever destroying the walls. Regarding the second one, everyone on an island shouldn't have to gate themselves off and toss up a ton of walls just because other companies and random players can kite animals to your walls and the animals will swap targets to the walls instead because the sweaty nerds have nothing better to do with their lives then ruin other peoples fun on a PvE server.
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