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  1. So we found a video of ANK and I Love KZee in alliance sinking multiple ships at times codes : https://youtu.be/-YdTGfFBteI?t=7023 https://youtu.be/-YdTGfFBteI?t=17396 The first link is the sabotage of an other company ship, the second is our ship. All the video contains multiple sabotage, just for fun. Oh and we see you on the video sinking lionheart ship @KRYPTIC MF ! Thinking it was personnal ? In case the video become unavailable, we've got a private link for caution. Hope some devs come on this post and acting conscientiously. EDIT : The second link isn't our ship, just on our territory, look too fast. Just a proof that our neighbours was sunk by this guys
  2. In this case it's more bug exploit but i agree with you, we need some patches !
  3. Yes we stole some territories, but as the Patch Note explain, we can only claims PVE territory when players were offline since 3 days, so when we stole this territories, we thought there's nobody anymore and destroyed structures to build our base. No aggressivity was planned, just playing in rules. For your treasure, I don't understand what your talking about ? Is it about treasure map we found in your chest when claiming territories or you wanna said we stole gold directly ? Because yes we take treasure map, but never stole gold directly to one of your mates or you. We only killed animals which are in our tame trap because we don't want players came near our house with aggressive creature. And even if you could tame it in, you couldn't took out your tame... Ok we are probably mistaken but when you sunk our ship, they were with you and looting everything so we conclude about an alliance. This time we maybe took some speed conclusion, but thirty minutes before our neighbours have their ships and just after our ship was sunk, we checked our neighbours to know if it was personnal or global to farm and we saw only shipwrecks... What a coincidence... But sorry for the accusation. So now we have report for our ship sabotage by weight which look unfair for us on PVE servers, not for our neighbourhood troubles.
  4. Yeah ! Totaly agree with you !
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