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  1. Server and client version 23.2 still black map... I forgot to add that map stays black even when moving around so rediscovering areas isn't even an option. Don't care bout checking the rest since if I die I can't even pick a bed to respawn. Furthermore this update has no patchnotes as of now so not sure what they changed in 23.2 Please upvote if you have the same issue, top left of page next to forum title press arrow up.
  2. I know this is an issue for most people but my server been fine for over 2 months and since this update all my players including my map went black. I personally can still see the claim flags circles and the boats we have in the circles (not the ones outside of a claim flag circle). I re-uploaded the cell images and mapimg files to the server, tried clearing my image cache map from my client but none of this worked. Actually when I cleared my map image cache from the client it didn't re download the files from the server which leads me to believe it's a port issue. Since we didn't change any ports on the server and don't have access to it cos it's rented from a hoster this leads me to believe your so called optimization of the server has messed some ports up. We also have the many reported bug where we get stuck on the steering wheel of our ship. Also invisible and partially invisible AoD ships (floating cannons and some parts of the ships) AND I've also been attacked by an invisible wild animal. Thanks for the optimizations, they really improved our gameplay....
  3. Same here for our company v23.0 client and 23.1 server
  4. I see no reason why they shouldn't release it already, it takes some time to make a good private map and would love to get started on it as soon as possible so I don't have to rush it the day of patch release honestly. My guess for the holdup is that they haven't finished all the new things yet.
  5. That mechanic is intended so people can't sink other people's raft and boats with their weight or counting as a crew. Don't go on other people's property and it won't happen. Simple.
  6. It is possible to breed certain animals now like bears, chicken, horses,... What they mean in the patch notes for upcoming update is that all animals can breed from then on like for example the tier 3 animals like elephants, tigers, wolves,... Well at least that's what they claim, gotta see it first before I believe it with this company it's track record lol. But yeah I successfully bred several bears already
  7. We also just discovered that new tames do correctly update in the beginning. Could be they stop updating stats after a restart but initially they work.
  8. Animal, crew and others weight are not updating anymore since patch. ALL animals have infinite stamina and loose no health. When animals encumbered they start rubberbanding.
  9. From my experience having the grid (ocean) temperature and the correct island name like the grid on official servers is the best bet to get identical resources on that island then on official. If your grid temperature is different it will generate other resources.
  10. Same on our server, it also constantly changes when you cross a border, this is most definitely bugged imho.
  11. Same here, they are ignoring all whistles and some crew also got renamed to crewmember, some kept their auto generated name.
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