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  1. i do know that it was annouced already for p servers. but this is an mmo why would their main focus be on p servers/SP doesnt make sense to me. why did we even had a ptr ? i think they should focus on their Original servers and not player dedicated/sp or p servers
  2. im so dissapointed ffs. the game is dead orignal servers are dead 1/2 ppl in the grids but heey lets bring out more SP content in a MMO game. way the go!
  3. Hello! somehow my ingame voice doesnt work since the verry start of atlas its already not working. somehow somewhere after the start it suddently worked out of nowhere but since the wipe and such it doesnt work anymore. on TS/disc/Steam it works and on games like overwatch it works for me but in atlas not. i tried changing many things but i cant seem the find the problem. when i push the button to talk i see the mic popping up in the upper right corner from my game but ppl cant hear me. does anyone maybe know how i can fix this ? Ty!
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