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  1. Aren´t you interested to come back and play together? What did u make quit?
  2. like to play with other player. I´m really enjoy Atlas, but most of the people seems not. We have 380 player in Eu-PvP and I need to say: I´m feeling alone. I don´t like to play in big tribes anymore. So what can I do now? Actually, I play in Polar with a friend, but 3-5 people would be great. I like to play with germans and english speaking people, but still: There is no one left. What do you think about this situation in Atlas?
  3. Hello, where can I find Wild Carrots? I´m actually looking in M5 cause Wiki. But I didn´t find anything yet. Can you help me pls?
  4. I´m always reading about the theme that u can build gates on powerstone islands. Is this working? I tried it one time but it didn´t work. Did I something wrong? Would love to breed them, but I play solo, so it´s hard to tame alone.
  5. Caine

    Bear breeding in the Tundra

    What is this nonsense? I still cannot breed in Tundra Bears, Lions, Wolfs and shit. I´m living in N3 so what the fuck is going on. I mean, if Mrs. Bear wants to see the mighty one so give the lady the D.
  6. Caine


    Same problem since yesterday. rip
  7. Caine

    Empires vs Colonies

    The crybaby again. Get a life and stop troll the internet.
  8. Caine

    Make Atlas Great Again

    Are u drunk or dumb?
  9. Caine

    couple of questions

    That made me laugh.
  10. Caine

    couple of questions

    Difference: Handicapped and lazy. ;D
  11. Caine

    couple of questions

    It takes 5s to use the forum part announcements to find what u are searching for. Lazy people disgusts me.
  12. Caine

    Why megas are good for the game

    Whole grid server yes.
  13. Caine

    Why megas are good for the game

    U are a fool. There were many different tribes in eu-pvp and they played with the megas not against. That´s the difference. Megas wanna play and trade too. We don´t wanna eat the whole game. But it was obvious that solo player and 2-3 player tribes complain about the big fishs.
  14. Don´t understand that fear about mega tribes. We never ate so many small fishs. Only the retards who thought they can try to fight us. And tbh the offline raiding shit was stupid for everyone. We wanna play that game too, without doing pvp all day long. So stop shit in ur pants and grow some balls. Megas don´t destroy the game lol