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  1. Nah, it´s not that hard. To be a random guy is an advantage cause people always attack their enemy on sight, so the big tribes do it aswell. To do powerstones is pretty easy on PvP. Only thing are the ship of the damned, there is some competition.
  2. Everything is so wrong You don't know how the court and human rights work until you get hit by that.
  3. Pve and pvp are different in organisation and preparation. But there are plenty of nice people in PvP. Don't join big alliances or Tribes. You will have a rly bad time there because of war and bad rules. Try to play in polar or tundra region. There you will have more time to get experience cause nobody plays there a lot.
  4. OK, I play on official pve. I also meant mace sry You just need 4 people with a mace and one with a shield and sword. You skill combat and weapons and then you can clear the whole cave. It needs some practice but it's pretty easy. I did a lot powerstones by myself but also with my company. You just need to pull the whole monsters into the water in the cave then you can rush to the powerstone machine. You can also use a zip line to skip the run. Edit: I'm not sure if it works but you can also try sneaking lvl 3 in Beastmaster skill tree and then you can press x and crawl to the machine.
  5. I can feel you but it's a fine mechanic for PvP. Atleast you should not be able to capture a player for the whole time, so he needs to delete his character but it's fine to be captured atleast 24 hours. I'm not sure if force feeding is still possible.
  6. The caves of powerstone is a joke my friend. Craft a good mace and shield then clear the whole cave. Easy shit. You can also burn the whole area to ashe. You don't even need good gear. People farming the cave for gold btw cause it's easy loot lol. Edit: You are welcome to the next kraken fight and I will show you the tactics.
  7. I'm not playing PvP and Kraken is easy because you can put a ship to every single tentacle, kill it instantly and then fight the orb the whole time. Powerstones also need a fix that you cannot use powerstones of the hydra for every other powerstone island. It should be bound to the island.
  8. Pve is in a pretty nice spot. I enjoy the game at its best after I left the PvP. Atlas is after one year a good game but there are still things to work at before we can talk about release.
  9. Do you guys like it to diggilido each other in the butt or what lol. Can you discuss like human beings pls
  10. Why should I be a dick to player who wants the event too? Ofc I'll help and team up to help. Kraken is pretty easy mode with 15 people. You can skip the whole tentacle/electro phase. Not sure why you try to discuss without knowledge about the fight itself when it comes to experience. The devs can make it harder when they design it to a playerlimit event and with more effects to dodge. It's not about crying, it's about more challenge in future content.
  11. Hello there, I want to ask you how you think about the difficulty of the game (Pve-Stuff). I personally think that the ghostship, powerstones, Kraken 1/2 and ice dungeon are pretty easy to play. The fact that you don't have a player limit is one of the problems why you can easily rush the bosses and win. I would like to see a challenge in this game.
  12. Atlas is the first title I ever played in EA that needs tons of wipes. That's why your answer cannot be tolerated here. After 3 EA games I played, Atlas is by far the only one where wipes happen. Tbh Atlas feels more like a closed beta than an EA title and that's how things should be. EA doesn't mean wipes are hard needed like we see it here in Atlas. I played enough EA, Beta and closed Beta/Alpha to talk about that. Edit: When you are interested in the difference then you can read it here: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/364040166686353959/ It's a pretty nice explanation of EA, beta and alpha.
  13. Tbh I only accept one more wipe when it's necessary. But after that I'm out and play games that are worth my time when it comes to more wipes. I won't deal anymore with this fuckery wipes.
  14. Official. It's a bug that happens from time to time. I tamed enough by myself too. It's the first time I got that bug.
  15. In the end it's just losing your stuff that is the bad thing at all I think. I can live with some bugs and laggs. I know that from other games. Nothing is perfect. But to lose your progression is something that cannot be accepted. I mean: I have over 1k hour play time and what is left of that? A hat skin? Big yikes. I dream of a server marketplace ruled by player but this cannot happen when you lose everything again and again. Also it's not that motivating. Rest of Atlas is fine for me but it clearly needs its time before it can be released.
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