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  1. What about punishment for those that were exploiting the bugs in the first place? Seems like reducing them to 100 doesnt do justice to everyone else that gets impacted that didnt cheat.
  2. 1) server performance has gone down in the last patch or two, do you know why? 2) Why has there been so little communication about the battle eye issues and its fixes? 3) When are you nerfing crabs?
  3. The game doesnt have enough people to support two pvp servers, thats the reality, specially when you consider they are adding ~250 more islands. People will ball up regardless of the ruleset, because lots of people is what makes the game fun. There was room for small companies in the old system, certainly will be in Colonies regardless what others do.
  4. Yes, because all the 'hardcore PvP fans' enjoy playing on the dead server... the reason most folks are going Colonies isnt necessarily about the rule-set, but because that is where they will find people to fight against, not Empires.
  5. promising monthly content and other nonsense when what we want is the PTR and Wipe without more idiotic changes like 'empires'. We want to play the game, not empty promises. Patience has been used up, you abused it.
  6. galium

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    I personally think cannons should only be where you can put gunports, and I think they need a special ballista bolt that lets you 'grapple' a boat. I also think that at sea, not anchor'ed, the claim timer on all boats should be fairly short. I would like to see folks trying to board a boat to take it over and claim it for their own. Currently the game has no boarding, its just sink and go back later to salvage.
  7. galium

    health/oxygen/etc of shoulder tame's

    the breathing buffs you get give you more efficiency, not more o2, so its not directly comparable
  8. galium

    health/oxygen/etc of shoulder tame's

    no, well I dont think so. I went underwater and it died with me having 75% of my oxygen bar, I assume of lack of oxygen. I have been pumping points into its oxygen, but it seems like the only way to test is to kill another seagull to see the difference of how long it can be under water. If I take it off my shoulder it goes shooting towards the top before I can check its settings
  9. How can you see the stats of a tame that is on your shoulder, like you can with mounts you are riding? For example, it would be nice to know how much oxygen my seagull on my shoulder has left while we are diving.
  10. The issue, imo, is there is no way to define 'offline' in a way that wont be completely abused. That said, I think it is fundamental to the game to have a boat and be able to travel. It sucks to log in, spend your day building a boat to have fun with, and then have to repeat the process the next day, never getting to the travel and enjoyment part. My solution would be to make it so you can put an NPC on your boat in a freeport and it will repair as long as it has gold and materials. You could even restrict to schooner and smaller if you felt the need. Increase decay rate if needed. Make it so the gold cost for a repairing NPC forces people to be out earning gold every day. Yes, people could abuse this to store stuff in safety, but there are ways to do that already, so who cares? It means a lot more boats moving around on the water, a lot more fun for people, and thus more players playing the game.
  11. there isnt a show enemy option for defenders like there is for attackers? if not, they just need to add the option
  12. galium

    CSTG on I2 using HACK

    Some CSTG guy streaming abusing a glider mechanic to fly from island to island sinking folks boats: https://www.douyu.com/673890
  13. galium

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    I personally do not understand the mega company approach to the game. Swarming an island with so many you cap the server to prevent defense and making it so laggy you are better off running around punching each other doesnt really seem like a lot of fun to me personally. Is it fear of loss? The game has plentiful resources, why is everyone so scared of fighting and losing? Fighting is fun, dominating others through numbers, isnt, specially when it makes the actual fighting a lag fest. Personally I think they need to make it so companies can only have 50 people, alliances can only have 3 companies, and then put a claim limit per company. Then change a server cap to 100 people.
  14. galium

    PvPers wont let new players on current Isands

    Seems like the bed limitation hinders this kind of approach in Atlas.
  15. galium

    remove fire arrows

    I find it amusing. I see video's where some guy 1-2 shots people with a pistol, killing 10 people then when he finally gets killed by a fire arrow and cry's that they are over powered.