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  1. There needs to be a visual indicator in Golden Age Ruins that lets you know that there is rapid decay of ships within the zone, like freeports. Just lost a fully crewed galleon with bred bears, and crafted masterwork and legendary gear in 07 because we left the boat there for a few days, waiting for the weekend to try and find Shieldhorns to tame. Please add a visual notification, because its just stupid.
  2. sagewind11

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    Wait, so the captains log talks about adding more ark sized islands...will these be pasted onto existing server grids, which would require a wipe? Or added into powerstone islands? Or just their own seperate extra grids? A little clarity would be nice- I dont want to spend countless hours now, just to have another wipe in a few months.
  3. Can you please fix Cobras so that they cant slither through roofs, or walls, or rail walls? They can pretty much slither through anything right now and its ridiculous. Please change them. Thanks.
  4. I had tenants when the patch introduced the option to put a claim to allow anyone to build. Anyways, they hadnt been on since the first week the patch was introduced, and have recently scuttled their boat, and quit the game, but left their buildings- which I cant demolish at all, even though it says I can. I was offline when they decided to scuttle their boat and leave, and was not able to tell them to demolish their structures. And its causing massive headaches because we want to extend our docks but cant because its too close to an enemy foundation. Will there be a fix for this?
  5. sagewind11

    Mount not gaining XP after Tame

    Have the same issues! Hopefully the devs see this and fix it- and make the fix retroactive.
  6. sagewind11

    Tigers do not gain exp at all

    Yeah, tamed a bear, tiger, and lion- all perfect tames at 30- and they dont gain any experience now from anything. Really messed up.
  7. sagewind11

    My High Level Lion's XP is Glitched

    Yes, I am also having this issue. I recently tamed a 29 bear, and a 30 tiger, and they both are not receiving any experience whatsoever.