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  1. I've not tried it but you could try replacing the ServerGrid.json located in your game files /ATLAS/ShooterGame/ - That's the only way I see it even being possible.
  2. That "error" has been happening on all servers since Atlas released, the issue your having is unrelated. I've had that same message across all my servers since I started hosting, it has not affected anyone being able to locate the server. What your issue might be is your seamless IP, I would try using your external IP.
  3. That information would of been great a few weeks ago
  4. There is no ini, this would require a mod. And as far as I'm aware it should be 10 level 1's per grid, that's what I've always known it to be. I get around this by using the atlas shop api and selling crew there, that's the only way I've been able to get around the limit as it basically admin spawns them once bought from the shop.
  5. Placing the icons is easy once you know how. First of all you need a couple of things, the size of your total grid and the size of each cell. In the map editor, Project > Edit and you will see this Now we multiply X with cellsize and Y with cell size, that gives us GridX=9800000 and GridY=9800000 Next we find where we want the icon, simply hover over where you want it and in the top right of the editor you will see the X & Y location of your cursor Now it's just a bit of math to place the icons. X \ GridX and Y \ GridY so we get X:0.50164‬ and Y:‭0.20642‬ place those into your quest and your icons will be exactly where you mouse was.
  6. The way the devs say "Players will be able to host Unofficial Xbox and Crossplay servers via Nitrado" make it seem like it will only be available via Nitrado, but honestly who knows time will tell, that's the most info we have.
  7. Agree. Our raid windows on unofficial are 3 hours and after weeks players find it hard to continue every single day defending their islands. I think PvE weekdays and PvP weekends would work out well but hell if I'm adjusting settings twice a week on a full grid just to set that up for my players, that's why I made SvS. Our Ship vs Ship zones have made it easy for PvP players to relax and play the game at their leisure, while also being nice for PvE players being able to participate in ship combat and not having to worry about being raided.
  8. I don't believe so, the map itself isn't editable like a regular grid so you can't set the spawn points
  9. The files that you export from the Server Grid Editor need to be placed in "Atlas/ShooterGame/"
  10. To set a grid to lawless you use "bDontUseClaimFlags=True" - This has issues where you can't spawn on beds on land. If you're using Settlement mode then you want to use "bDontRequireClaimFlagsForBuilding=True" If you're using Empires mode then just make sure both are set to False.
  11. Any island can be used as the 9th island. In fact any combination of the powerstone islands can be used.
  12. It was changed in a past patch, the ghost ship no longer drops a powerstone, instead a 9th powerstone island was added in it's place.
  13. Redis Failed To Connect! Check that it's running and connectable from here or edit ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json if this is incorrect. URL= EX="connect() failure" That's your error. It is not able to connect to Redis therefore it can not start the server. Is Redis running? Have you configured it correctly? It also looks like you're having an error with Visual C++ try downloading and installing from here: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/visual_c_redistributable_runtimes_aio_repack.html
  14. It sounds like your redis and saved worlds were out of sync when you restored them resulting in the forced character creation If you're getting a message in your startup batch file along the lines of "Server LastSharedLogLineProcessed (number) is higher than the database log:ct (number), invalid state" then your saved worlds and the redis are not synced up correctly. Usually means the saved world files are farther ahead than the redis. If you're not able to fix it by rolling back the world save even farther then you're pretty much just left with the option of starting over. Considering you only played for a few hours not much would be lost anyway and I'd recommend just starting fresh. You should also not be restarting redis for any reason, it's likely this is what caused the issue if it didn't close correctly. Did you fix your treasure map issue? Because there's a lot of reasons for why the blank maps occur
  15. Are you actually complaining about being solo? Join a bloody company if it's too hard for you to do solo. It's 100% doable as a solo, sure it takes longer but it is not harder by any means.
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