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    Shallows in natural harbor not considered part of the island

    This is also a problem with all polar islands that have icebergs as part of the island, not the standalone icebergs. It's also very dangerous because people can place mortars there unless you foundation spam.
  2. BiggusDingus

    Fixing foundation spam

    this doesn't address the reasons WHY people foundation spam which are to prevent others from building, others from placing cannons to raid, or just to grief your enemy. Implement the rule you mentioned for structures not owned by the settlement owner and start the decay timer once the person is out of render range, not when they log out. Cut the timer in half for underwater structures too because the no-build radius on those is absurd, I can't even build on half of my coast because someone has like 5 stone foundations underwater in an area I can't reach.
  3. BiggusDingus

    Devs Please, Biggest QoL Fix

    You're a life saver chief, thanks.
  4. BiggusDingus

    Devs Please, Biggest QoL Fix

    I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, what about islands without berries? Have you made it so we can manually put berries in the flag?
  5. BiggusDingus

    Creature Designer

    I'd change the turtle hissing sound so it doesn't make me think there's a gator behind me Up the movement speed on chickens when they're following someone. Monkey poop is cool but the projectile needs some kind of target locking/tracking or at least a slight pull towards the target. Mine always flies off into the distance against players.
  6. NA PVP, there are a lot more that aren't rendering until I get closer. There's a swivel gun mounted down there so people have already been abusing this. cheat TP L9 278420 -260274 1275