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  1. Yea dont replace them. This is a bug, they need to fix it.
  2. Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache? As well as when the game starts, to see if battleeye is enabled. (Pressing play game instead of play game, no battle eye)
  3. Glad to hear you did a rollback and then no other publications of banning the people who did it.
  4. Join the ATLAS Discord, and you'd be informed.
  5. This is still poor, 68 players with over 255 ping constantly on NA PVP. Other servers with same player counts are half that ping. Rediculous.
  6. Still ongoing, performance seems to have worsened after the 10x
  7. Did you update your drivers? I have the 2080 and have had not one crash issue.
  8. D11 sees a constant 100+ server population with extreme performance issues. These performance issues include: Rubberbanding High Pings General Lag Items vanishing Animals rubberbanding Falling off ships while not even moving These are game breaking, please explore it's performance. Thanks
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