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  1. I log in today and along the top of my screen shortly after I get a notification "Your Brig has sunk". I was in panic mode. What? Why? I ran over and there it is in the water in N9, Lawless zone. It was anchored and I had put mats in it the night before to repair it for when I got on today. So much for that... Well I was swimming in the water checking for any reason why it could have sunk. Holes? Door was open? Items in the smithy/tannery? No. There was no way, the doors were closed, pin locked and all. There were no holes. Someone must have walked on with a lot of weight. Soon enough, someone comes by and starts taking apart my boat piece by piece along with everything that was in our chests and smithy. Then they casually swim off like nothing happened. Now I know there was a lot of mats inside. How could they just walk off like that? At level 16??
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