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  1. this bug occurs building stone structures, now only allowed five celing connected without needing a foundation, before there was no such stupid limitation .
  2. If you have another ship near that try to move/teleport the bear using pinwhell menu, this bug is more annoying , always to move an animal to the boat put animals at a distance of two foundations on the side of the ship. lol exactly.
  3. the beaches of some islands are very treacherous, you should pay close attention with shallow parts and especially submerged rocks
  4. Wild animals do not attack them and I think this is purposeful. You can not die/take down the map if you do not have to go far from the place Wait a while and face again all 5 Army of Damned and kill them all If you are low level you can tame the bear and kill them all easily or wear a Plate Armor and use a pike. When you are high level with punches you kill them.
  5. As an island owner your concern is only with griefers and abandoned boats. During the PTR I got an island that cost 24 Points / 128 Gold to unkeep and look for some gold and after two hours I already had almost 4K Gold this excuse of "Look for a good LandLord because the island costs a lot gold to keep "is bullshit and most likely a solo player or a group of two or three people can maintain an island. Whoever bought the game wants to have complete experience with it and NOBODY ABSOLUTELY NOBODY wants to be commanded as a puppet by a person who does not know. I tried to get an island on the server [EU] PVE so the v100 came out the same second I was there but I was not lucky everything in the game was conspiring against me that day like on the wing, storm and alot of SOD. Then I tried to get an island in the NA PVE I was the first to enter the grid to buy the island and it was the same island that I bought in the PTR that cost in the 24 Golds in the PTR I got there with 65 Golds and the DEVS defined the price of the island as 128 without warning anyone that they had increased the values for buying the islands there two hours later while I was looking for gold in the floatsam a group of 4 people bought the island. And as soon as I returned to the island to see who had bought it I was kicked out from there as if I were some leper. In other words, I have not played since then and AS Lawless is no longer an option for me I want to go to sleep and make sure my house was not surrounded by walls or large gates why some grifers / troll chose me as a target. I before that damn wipe I had 6 flags on a small island I made friends with my neighbor lived in peace despite alpha cobras and some boats abandoned in my territory and now I have NOTHING. Today who owns an island enjoy well play enough because the same way you have today and be happy playing this game tomorrow can not have anything even after spending +1500 hours in that game.
  6. so far no NA PVE server I hope that if they are delaying the launch of the server they tell us something...
  7. It's a cool idea and the NPC crew if it were visible on the map would be cool as well as the ships or bed as was said. There is no "nefarious reasons" if only the current owner of the animal/NPC Crew can see its location on the map.
  8. Good for you friend, I wish you luck, but not everyone is lucky enough to have friends to play this game is not mainstream as you imagine so I think a lot of people who have never played ARK arrive in this game and half an hour later give up and never come back with this community is stagnant and restricted to a few groups like you. Favoring solo players and small groups will favor everything already. that this pyramid of hierarchy begins from below It is not fair for a solo player to have a giant island just for himself but he will think twice before owning it as the manuntention should cost a lot of gold and having to patrol the island every day to avoid griefing and resource locking should not be easy Nowadays the big companies have access to everything besides the things that of course a larger group gives members how to make quests easier to possess much more gold power to venture into land on the Golden islands which is impossible for solo player. I have never seen any MMORPG game punish and troll who solo player as this Atlas does. In other games playing alone does not mean being a slave in a big company or having 50% of everything you do is stolen from you there the only thing is that your progress is slower Here at Atlas plus you do not now have a piece of land to build in peace and without being told What do I can or can not build what today cou do or not do now or the old nois server PVE have to play if you really back ok ok nothing has been confirmed yet officially dated and everything. This argument that "go play on a private server" is asshole and stingy since if you do not know they are paid and for a minimally acceptable expresencia requires at least a 3X3 server to support the 9 golden ages with powerstones. What was sold to me was a game with 225 grids to play the bugs are up acceptable since no game is released perfect the wipe also a cleaning in the database was needed because of too much new code implemented as it was said. no unofficial server has 15X15 until costs are high if you know show me here then
  9. They turned the old NA PVE server into [Empires] [PvP] [NA] The Forgotten Depths the grids have the same IPs They only increased the number of islands by 40% and then reduced 100% by turning our place to play on another PVP server - https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/atlas/2986094 I know that paying for 225 grids obviously has its monthly cost but leaving your players without a decent place to play is ridiculous. After all apparently only the problems with abandoned boats was solved it is very cool but for that we lost everything including a place to play in a decent way and without so much LAG I've visited a few lawless and some people have already started spamming foundations again and now it got even worse since the decay time is 10 days !!! Best of all is that as I had read here in the forum the big companies are putting their flags in small islands with 15~34 Island points and with that they have more islands and with different resources and the solo players has only with 30 Island Points they will never be able to have a land and are forced to live in lawless ever with of a crazy neighbor who wants to build a giant gate in their head or block their shipyeard. The solution to this is that just as in ARK it is possible to create a dedicated server easily to play with friends or alone I do not see another solution.
  10. There I was again disputing the crap of a piece of land with a Chinese just as in December last year I was with the insane lag since for my happiness the server NA PVE was turned into a PVP and the Chinese with low level dying of cold and hunger and for the snakes that are 90% of the predatory animals of this game (the devs must have some fetish with these cobras) just waiting for one of us to give up and being sure that at any moment someone would give respawn on the island and contested "Our flag again and stay in this loop for many hours. I had fun times fighting SOTD in the Golden Age and collecting high level NPCs and wild level 30 animals. - Never seen Kraken, Crab, Dragon. - I found the merchant boat four times that completely useless." - Never met a Mermaid. - Never been able to kill any creatures in a Golden Age." He did not have time to test the submarine in the PTR. - I spent 4 days in January building when it was still 1x rate doing a Galleon I tested it for ten minutes and went to sleep when I went back to play the ship had sunk. - LOL I could never use or build a mythic or legendary weapon or tool despite being level 76 never had skill points for these things. I only got a decent piece of land a two weeks ago when and soon after they announce the wipe that unfortunately was necessary and I spend much of the time was paranoid with problems of Atlas as snakes magically popping up inside my house or random boats blocking my harbor and of course "Chinese Chinese Chinese". It's almost certain that other wipe will come in version 2.0 or release of the final version of the game and I'm tired of that stress.
  11. I have a question about how the system will work to maintain a flag. As has been said in the posts before will it be necessary for the bank that will be responsible for storing the resources to keep its flag on a island correct ? To what extent do I know the bank currently only stores other people's items through fees? In theory to down a flag and stole a island of a solo player for example just no one collect anything on their land and wait for the flag to decay or are solo players are relying or dependent on other random people collecting on their territory to keep their flags? This would no longer be a problem for medium or large companies. I hope the resources used to hold the flags are taken from a resource box where I can store those resources myself.
  12. Sometimes it's easier to die for some animal or if it's possible to eat poop (lol I know it's disgusting but it's instantaneous). The changes I suggest to the vitamin system would be: Staying with the balanced vitamins of a temporary "Buff" that increases your character's overall status as maximum health, movement speed by 10% even though he has the vitamins balanced. calculated on the basis of total life. Each level of Vitamin Skill would increase 5% or 10% of the Total Status Buff by staying healthy. Ability to plant Acerola, Lemon, Acai for sources of vitamin C. Vitamin D eggs should be like cow's milk because there are already many vegetables with vitamin A (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_as_food)
  13. This is an old problem they do not seem to care and this happens to me always The only beds that do not occur are those on the boats.
  14. same here and parts of ships too like wood celings and planks
  15. Rising


    Same bug here today. I almost lose a Brigantine when I tried to check SOTD level with a spyglass after not having controlled the boat anymore I had to left the map and rejoin to fix. Another bizarre bug I noticed with this v23.1 update is that some celing, floor or even parts of the ships disappear(turn invisible) or are not rendered maybe this last "Various new server performance optimizations" on the servers should be causing this problems.
  16. After this update I will try to maintain a small island since I am a solo player if it is not possible I will simply abandon. If this game becomes a game that compels people to play with dozens of other people in the same company I will not be able to play since my friends already abandon it. If I go out to sail who will stay on the island collecting resources to keep the flag and worrying about griefers? in theory someone could steal my island just blocking the spawn of metal for example since to maintain stone contructions will be necessary metal just as it is to build stone structures. If I go out to search for metal at another island, will it be time to go back and my things still be there? This game looks like it's going to become a Griefer Simulator who is more creative by impersonating others will have it all. Although I play a lot I have a life I can not dedicate 12 hours of my day for example just to keep the island island saved from griefers, and yes I intend to live there alone I do not want tenants the same way that I do not want to be a tenant of nobody. As everyone here I bought this game to have fun being a pirate and in PVE I think the only concern we should have is with the environment and creatures of the game not with slaves/ landlords/griefers/cheaters. In an ideal world everybody should have their island and maybe the only fair solution for all was the single player mode but I find it impossible technically speaking.
  17. Maybe not even need this "wipe" now it's possible new players or who lives in lawless to own a piece of land, sailing around I have already found many territories abandoned by all types of company only the announcement of the wipe of the captain log 22 already caused in the abandonment of the game by many people. Territories where it was impossible to see the flags chronometer with less than 20 days now are 3~5 days or even available. The best thing about this wipe will be the cleaning of the abandoned boats but without a system for the own owners of the territories or a decay system will take few weeks for all the garbage to be in the servers again. Well I still play but without that before I might come back after the wipe more only if the flag system and keep the character with my skills, level and discovery points. But I think we're going to lose everything anyway.
  18. Wait a moment these changes will not occur in the PVE correct ? because after almost 900 hours playing visiting numerous islands and being exploded of almost all, to be invited to be a "SLAVE" in the lands of the big companies, to spend a good part of time suffering in lawless islands and now that I finally have a piece of land just mine I'm going to have to go back to live like before with griefer can block my shipyeard or build large gates at the door of my house or sink my ships ???!!! I'll tell you what's going to happen good players will leave this game and only griefers and cheaters will remain on the best islands and when after several complaints from the players the old system will return to the islands will be theirs and they will win
  19. Yesterday I sent a ticket to the support with all the necessary information and the support only once again ignored my request to remove abandoned boats since the end of december in my territory, they should only pay attention to the problems of the big companies. I've lost before many boats in PVE just because I left them in the territory of big companies for a few hours after stop to sleep after traveling six regions looking for treasures. Support always responds with the same copied and pasted response It is no surprise that they are losing the player base that at the launch was 38~40K is now 15~18K.
  20. Since the update v18.87 in PVE RUBY (gems) in my territory are no longer respawn. I dont have any build near of old spawn spot after this supposed update that "Optimize performance of various server subsystems." the gems disappeared. I suppose that the range of blocking respawn because of the buildings has been greatly increased or bugged after this update.
  21. Same problem here. I can not command my NPC crew any more.
  22. I've also been waiting for a solution to this since the beginning of January, I have two rafts and three slops blocking the building of my shipyeard
  23. Since the some updates in PVE metal and gems are no longer spawn on my island. I always keep my buildings away from resources but since some updates everything has stopped. I already destroyed everything close to the resources to test but nothing spawn. I have not made changes in my house for months my neighbors have the same problem. I think this happens mostly with metal and gems but wood, fiber and thatch seem to be working. Note: is a non-Lawless island. Is this happening to anyone else ?
  24. Today I was in a Golden Age and there are much less SOTD there than near my house.
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