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  1. PLEASE TURN BACK THE FOG OF WAR OPTION! It has no interest at all to sail an already explored map, and on pvp it's even more important to have a FoW so we have to explore in order to find other clans and the islands they own. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  2. Easy bug to fix ?? or do you need 4 years for lowering the anoying sound volume when we are farming metal (and coal) ??? Please if you need coders, programmers or money for fixing this bug we can help you! but please fix this ASAP because our ears are bleeding!!!
  3. OMG, you are seeing the MMO game dying and you waste time making a standalone server with a DLC map. If at least this server where included in the ATLAS MMO megaserver, it would be nice... but splitting more the player base whilst in MMO the player base is still decreasing under 1500 people day by day is NOT THE CORRECT DIRECTION. Next Step: decrease the game price to 3 dollars, which is its real value today as you are murdering the game with every decision you make. Please, FIX BUGS, IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, ADD NEW CONTENT TO MMO, IMPROVE FURTHER THE RULESET FOR SMALL CLANS AND SOLO PLAYERS AS YOU PROMISED. WORK, WORK AND WORK.
  4. Playing offical pvp eu server-. Shipwrecks seem to be broken. A couple of hours ago a fleet of shadow of the dead sunk my brig. I just went to the coordinates and theres nothing down in the bottom of the sea, nor the ship nor the structure of the ship (in the case someone has demolish it, which is very unlikely as this server is played by 0 people these days) In any case, the structure should remain and the icon in the atlas map should be there in the spot of the Shipwreck. None of them appear, so something must be broken. Its a bug. I of course went to the exact spot of the Shipwreck as I marked the map with the coordinates stated in the log, where the brig was sunk.
  5. As long as you are the owner of the island and your ship is fully anchored (24h needed) your ship cannot be sunk, regardless you are within the 9 hour raid window or not. BUT within the 9h all the stuff inside the ship could be raided/destroyed, but not the ship itself, i.e.: planks, sails and decks. Of course if you loose the ownership of your isle the ship could be sunk. And, of course, if the ship is not fully anchored (24h needed) + you are within the 9h window raid time, it can be also sunk.
  6. You promised a game where either big clans (more than 20 players), medium clans (10-20), small clans (3-9 players) and solo players (1-2) could play and enjoy the game. This is why you created colonies. Now nobody is playing the game (2k people average). WHY? Of course you can have your own opinion, but you are not players, you are devs, and your point of view is NOT independent. I am a player, a solo player or small clan player. You promised something that has not been fulfilled. I still cannot play because every time I have a ship, the day after is sunk (dramatically easily) by a random player that just pass by its side. Simple: after 4 hours farming for a ship, I cannot even play with it because once is finished is sunk. This happens to many many players, and its FRUSTRATING. Thats why we stopped playing, and every time we give ATLAS a second, third, fourth chance... its the same frustration. That's why the player base is still going down and down and down. Solutions? well I dont have all the answers but here is one simple change that everyone would accept: A fully anchored ship (and for fully anchored lets say that 24 hours needs to be anchored) in your own island (means you have to be the owner, or an ally of the owner) it's invulnerable (just planks, sails and decks). You can still raid the ship content, kill the crew and take your reward during the 9h window, but you cannot sink the ship itself. This rule would protect solo players, small clans and people that doesnt play every single day. If you use your ship, it's vulnerable at least 9 hours after you anchor it in your own island. Would give all players LESS FRUSTRATION, because as long as they can maintain and pay for their island, and the island itself is not lost, they can maintain the ships. A long term anchored ship (more than 24h anchored) it's not a thread to anybody so why you let random players to sunk them so easily?? it only gives frustration to the owner of the ship, and give him reasons enough to say goodbye to ATLAS, and in the other hand does not give the raider, the random player that sunk the ship so easily any special reward, it's even boring to sink ships randomly. This is a simple rule but something you can try if you want to see your player base grow. Lowering the price of the game to 8 euros or less is not the answer, the answer is to make the game LESS FRUSTRATING for the player base.
  7. Absolutely agree. I just left ark and atlas because it was impossible to play in a mega-tribe environment. I returned to atlas because that promise of a rule-based game for SOLO PLAYERS AND SMALL CLANS. And now reality demonstrates that it was a huge lie. Don’t you see the number of players going down day by day? It’s because most players want what you promised: a rule-based game for solo players and small to medium size clans. And they see you didn’t keep your promise.
  8. Terrrible decission. I thought 50 was TOO MUCH HIGH for colonies. The idea of colonies was to provide a rule-based environment for solo players and SMALL clans (2-5 people) That is a Small clan. A medium clan should be 6-20 people. More than that is a BIG clan. Empires server has no sense if you state a limit of 75 people in colonies. The limit in colonies should be 20 people, because YOU ARE NOT BEARING IN MIND ALLIANCES: if 5 clans of 20 people set an alliance that means in fact a mega clan of 100 people. Please reduce the limit of people by clan AT LEAST TO 50 as it was. Terrible decission.
  9. Hermandad pequeña, en pleno crecimiento -sostenible-, que acepta nuevos miembros mayores de 16 que hablen español. Usamos discord y tenemos prohibido hablar de política. Estamos en Official EU-PvP. Para +info chat de discord: https://discord.gg/H3dzh7v
  10. Every time we try to snap a large stone or woood gateway in the sea the game crash to desktop. It happens either swimming or in a raft, doesnt matter. It happens to every player in my clan. The screenshot is taken just BEFORE the crash, which happens when the character gets into the water in front of him.
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