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  1. Currently in I12 and tames are glitching in and out of existence. So far a rhino and a wolf. Some characters doing so too.
  2. Atlas, being much larger and MMO-based, I don't feel like the chat system is adequate. The inability to mute players, the inability to private message, and turn off global chats just ends up with a steady stream of racist garbage and absolute trash. I ended up turning on the hide and essentially never opening it. It wasn't so bad in Ark when there were substantially less people at a time, but on the PVP server the chat is basically non-functional most times. In my opinion, the chat system right now is more of a hindrance than an actual benefit to the game. I think we'd really benefit from the following changes: Ability to turn off global Tabs for chat types (like in most MMOs) The ability to private message (not just company/alliance/local cycling) The ability to report spammers A mute option for specific players
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