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  1. moostiiq

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    This issue still persists, random need for foundation support on a ship far below build limit is not something we should have to deal with.
  2. moostiiq

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    PVP: Empires (northern half) Colonies (Southern half) Now that would actually have made sense.
  3. I couldn't agree more. Please just give us a setting we can adjust. We really need this.
  4. moostiiq

    Tames broken?

    Yep, that's exactly how we're experiencing it, the rider has rubberbanding while to a bystander it looks like the tame is just walking slowly.
  5. moostiiq

    Wood Ceiling broken

    i can still craft and place wooden ceilings.
  6. moostiiq

    Tames broken?

    Also current weight on ships does not update
  7. moostiiq

    Tames broken?

    Just wanna know if others are having this issue after patch 22.1 GUI for tames are not updating, weight carried for instance shows a constant number My elephant still gets oerweight and moves slowly etc, but it still shows the same weight as it had after update/server restat Same with healt, stamina, etc
  8. More story, more npc's, more life. NPC merchant ships that are actually sloops/schooners/etc. If your company are pirates you could sink/loot npc ships. Otherwise you could sell materials to them (and buy things as you already can) A company reputation system. If you kill the crew on an npc ship you could claim the ship. NPC pirates that randomly attack you. NPC navy that pays you for sinking pirates but attack you if you're on their wanted list. That kind of stuff. Why is this a good idea even for PVP? Flavour. And to make smaller, private servers more interesting. And to make it more of a pirate game.
  9. moostiiq

    Connect the dots.

    Guess that explains why the u.s currency is named after the illuminati leader 50 cent!
  10. moostiiq

    Connect the dots.

    OMG that's the infamous dollar bill symbol on that sail! It was the federal reserve all the time!
  11. moostiiq

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    M12 was actually doable to me. Finally young again.
  12. moostiiq

    ALL my ships SUNK

    Just turn on offline raid protection in PVE. Our stuff would take no damage as long as it still belongs to us (hasn't been claimed by others), or the timer has run out (for lawless zones). This simple change, that is already in the Ark code, would make the game playable. -If you don't play for a day or two, you can expect to find everthing still there (after all, it's PVE) -You have time to immediately check your ships for weight and your tames for food when you get on Actually I would suggest the same for PVP, with the exception to include a timer after logoff before raid protection kicks in. The way it is now you need players in your tribe online 24/7, and i would prefer to stay less than 500 members in my company.
  13. moostiiq


    I would love a server that limited the company size to say 25. Even so what this game needs on any server is higher limit on players per square and servers able to handle it. There's so much this game wants to do that can't be done because you can't have a large part of the player base gather in one location. One of these things is fountains of youth. You need at least 500 player capacity on those servers in particular to successfully implement the feature, and should really have that limit or higher on any map, to allow for large scale trade, naval battles, events, etc. And the servers must be able to handle all 500 with virtually no lag whatsoever. Otherwise, small companies will be the only sensible way to play the game, what is the point of having a large company is nobody outside your compay can fit inside your grid???
  14. moostiiq

    Can we please get more cobras?

    Only blueprints I find are fine thatch floors and the like. idc what durability% bonus that thach hut has tbh. But ofc i could do more treasure hunts once my friends are up for it while online. The times we did the maps didn't work and failed to show us the beacon though. Except that one time when we had leather armor and swords and shields and got wiped by skeletons in 1 minute. All in all, love the game but back on topic there's no reason why any creature should ignore walls and attack the inside of intact buildings. And Cobras are the worst, there's simply no excuse for their ingame behaviour or abilities.
  15. moostiiq

    Can we please get more cobras?

    If this is Ark gimme my Tek rifle plz