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  1. I don't mind the bug, it's early access after all. What is totally unexceptable is to leave your customer without even an acknowledgement of the issue and ideally some sort of ETA. Why even have a bug reports section if you aren't even going to have the common courtesy of replying to your players who have taken time out of their day to make you aware of the issue?
  2. So your solution is a specific skill and to wander around a very large and vague area? Why I have no doubt this is possible, it is not really viable. It is not that he's trolling, it is that you can't see that your "solution" is not a solution. I thought you'd want to know as you were confused about somebody being stupid, well... somebody was.
  3. Hey, For the treasure map crash, don't start a new thread. A bug report should only be one bug per thread. Your last issue sounds like server lag, I have no serious server lag issues myself with the blackwood map hosted at Nitrado. I wont go over what makes a good bug report in full, but the main and most important factor is reproducibility. If the person/people can't reproduce the bug then you're pretty much at a dead end. So show steps needed to reproduce. Then realise that they apparently can't even bothered to acknowledge game breaking bugs that have been up for well over a month and ask yourself why you are wasting your time doing QA for free.
  4. Seems there is a snap point for a chair on the cargo harness, so it can transport 1 crew member afaict. Doesnt seem tremendously useful, if you can get a number in the carriage it may have it's purpose. You can mount balista, cannon and Swivel guns on the cargo harness, you just can't put NPC's on them, you used to be able to but it was very unbalanced for ground PvP.
  5. You're vit's still drain thereby meaning you are in a constant state of increasing overeating or no vitamins.
  6. Rented Server, Blackwood. Already have food set to 2x drain, after latest update you don't lose food at any sensible rate. Anybody else feeling this? Edit: Just seen 402.6 patch notes. Nitrado still on 402.5.
  7. You could have probably accessed your corpse by crouching and moving around, laying down and wacking area with an axe if that fails. Also, grow beets and use those. Or use Wild beets.... or another wild vegtable... because coconuts are a fruit and that should put em quite a way down the list of things to feed them.
  8. Yes, that sort of content would be totally cool and appropriate.... When the game has gone gold. Until then, I'd rather they got treasure maps working on the DLC map rather then messing about with short term seasonal fluff, because that would be obviously crazy.
  9. I played single player Blackwood for over a month, I did not see a single WPE. Yes they were enabled, the only time I saw the symbol for a WPE was as the bottom of the ocean. This players information would seem incorrect. The ocean spawns are either not working 100% correctly or it is intended that large areas of the ocean (specifically Blackwood island, but also didn't see a single fish anywhere near the Goluga Refuge) are devoid of all life. Fish are easy to find on the islands however as the lakes are populated inland with catfish. Attempting to view a treasure map on a rented server will crash your client, they used to work OK for me on single player. Gauging where they are by not bringing the map up from your hotbar is "possible" but... well it's possible to run a marathon in Dr Martins, that doesn't make it a good idea. They aren't working, end of. You attempt to view it, your client will crash. Not functioning. Blackwood has SotD, whenever I go hunting them it seems like there are not enough, have sailed around for over an hour just looking for our first fleet.... But... on the other hand whenever I leave port in my unarmed, slow, defensless cargo hauler it seems the ocean is full of them. This probably means in actuality it is a balanced number.
  10. Good one, nice, like it. Top class sarcasm. Also there is a bug report section, more detail would be a good idea. Off the top of my head... a grid reference and a loc may well be... what's the word I am looking for? Essential, that's it. You see, without that information you may have well sent them a video of you hurling mayonaise at a curtain, or any other pointless, time wasting excersise that makes no sense, you could come up with. You can also submit a ticket.
  11. Not Happy


    Baking Powder? The shop?
  12. "We are reaching a point where it is a freaking joke now, is it really that hard to post on their own Forum to their community? " It is a joke. Twiiter is not the place for providing updates and neither is discord. Twitter has always been garbage for idiots, doubly so with the great orange bafoon using it to spew his torrent of verbal sewage at the people of the world. For any sensible mind that should be reason enough to avoid it. This is the place, this is the place where your *paying customer* is providng you with bug reports on thier OWN TIME and you are not even capable of the common courtesy of acknowledgement, let alone status feedback. Jesus wept....
  13. None of what you have posted is a bug report. At best this is a "suggestion", I think it helps best to call it what it is; a poorly written, barely coherent whine. This isn't the section for those, general I believe.
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