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  1. I feel like the process should be closer tiver how it works for troodons in Ark, specifically for carnivores: you knock it, bola and bring a dead creature close. Lion eats and you remove the bola, now the lion isn’t yellow to you and will follow around. You beat something (lower hp and bola), lion eats and Tame bar increases. Some could use a system that involves different interactions, you sometimes feed, pet or mess around with the tame. At least that’s how I befriend a dog, I’m pretty sure my cat would hate me if I treated him liked that the to tame lol im still thinking how should the game handle those large creatures and birds.
  2. Unofficial servers need way more control over features, such as claim flags, companies, players, spawns and everything else that’s possible. Ark data shows unofficial servers hold the vast majority of players in the middle-long run. Also not every need will be fulfilled by mods, some even can’t be modded. Also direct control over companies could allow for some RP with alliances and war status on pve servers.
  3. Ever since we first saw Atlas (besides the leaked video months ago) on the promotional video you guys released, you talked about your vision for this game. You want people to shape worlds to their liking, creating servers offering completely different game experiences. It's like Sword Art Online (if by any chance you are watching the 1st season now, don't read this XD ), Kirito was given The Seed, the foundations to create another VRMMO to your liking and he open sourced it. And that's how I think you guys envision Atlas: you offer the base experience and let people go wild with the tools provided. But things aren't always smooth. Ok just kidding, Early Access games are always buggy and that's expected. Which makes administration of Atlas servers a chore at times, mostly because Atlas doesn't offer proper tools for that. With that said, Atlas is lacking something Ark always did, but it's far more important in this massive game: an interface to manage players and companies. Something to search all the players on the server by name, steam id or company. Must be able to target for admin commands (such as kill, teleport, join tribe and others). For companies, one must be able to add or remove members, change their ranks, force war between companies (being able to select a company and force it into war with another) claim flags (and its regions), tames, ships and so on. I recall a mod providing some of those functionalities back in Ark, but I think this one should be something Grapeshot themselves should provide, as it will add flexibility to what people can do. As an example, I play on a PvPvE 6x6 unofficial server. It's laid out like EVE: with PvE areas, a cushion and PvP areas. Some people may leave PvE area and raid a base in PvP area. If the admin can force a war between companies, there will be no hit and run, and people can even RP stuff like Causus Belli (he sunk my ship in pvp area, here screenshots and stuff, I wanna blow him out of this).
  4. Also make it easier to refill, having to take them tovthe Smith sucks
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