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  1. prodesu

    Pre-Wipe Hat Skin

  2. prodesu

    Dangerous territory 90%

    Guys you need to chill until the patch is done. I'm one of many waiting for the patch to come out before I return to the game. The second this patch was announced I stopped playing in wait for the patch. Play some other games while waiting, you'll be fine. Alot of people will return for the patch, some won't, some new people will come. We will see how the game performs after the patch, that will in large determine how it will be going forward. It's not strange for the game to take a huge dip while waiting for the big patch to come.
  3. prodesu

    Please Release Devkit On Epic Games Launcher!

    Who the heck plays on epic games launcher? Kappa
  4. That's what I think too, and it's not easy finding good personnel when it comes to this and todays toxic gaming community. It's a tough job for sure. For what it's worth, I hope the game succeeds (I know I'll play it) and that they step up their game.
  5. Laughing alot at people already defending them before they've delayed it. It doesn't matter that it's EA, it's still hilarious that literally every single time they delay patches, releases etc where they could just be up front about the dates instead. They're still saying march 20th, but I'll bet my left nut that it's going to be delayed because god damn it they just can't set realistic dates even for the life of them. That said, I'll still play, I like the game, but they're literally indefensible in this guys come on hahaha. They should hire someone else to do communications, because as someone working in marketing I have to say they've done a horrible job with this (it just seems like they've hired some newbies for this, maybe they'll improve. But I've yet to see it).
  6. prodesu

    Go Poll

    Likely gonna put this on hold until the wipe, and play after. don't see that as an option in your poll.
  7. prodesu

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    Idk, I'll probably take a bit of a break or do silly stuff until whipe happens. I'm pretty neural about the idea, but I'm in a small company. That said: LET ME KEEP MY LEVELS AND POWERSTONES!
  8. prodesu

    WTF Fly Elephant??!

    Lost an elephant the exact same way. I can expect bugs, but this is a known one for a while now. Remove the ability to "move onto ship" until it's fixed so that until then people will use the follow to get it on. Easy fix, makes players alot more happier. People have ragequit the game over less to be frank.
  9. prodesu

    Redesign a Robust Skill Tree

    There's a content patch coming out in the end of February.
  10. prodesu

    Not bones weekend but horror weekend

    I dont get how people sink to ship of the damned. Do you never bring repairmaterial on the boat? how heavy is your boat that you cant outsail it or kill it? seriously?
  11. I have the same issue, doesn#t come back even though i respawned since the last patch. God damn it.
  12. prodesu

    ChemB using Duped items on EU PVP!

    This does look pretty bad.
  13. Honestly man, there are PLENTY of friendly companies out there willing to invite you on PVP. Generally it will start with you having to build some on their land and go into an alliance, in time you can join them. I would start by finding a lawless island and talking to the people there directly, may take a few tries to find a decent island with decent people, but generally they will let you build and in time join them. Just be nice and that isn't an issue.
  14. Slightly more rare as they can fuck up an invasion raid pretty hard, other than that I don't mind them
  15. prodesu

    Whole Company Banned

    Excuse me if I don't equate atlas with Olympic professional teams, and even if I did the group punishment here is WAY over the top. I've never heard of a team being banned from ever playing again because one of their players was a dick.