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  1. It's getting really hard to keep playing this game. I've been at it for two weeks now. It was hard starting out, getting my raft built, getting off the starting island and finding someplace to make a claim and start building, that was before the changes were made to Ships of the Damned. I remade my character several times in all different areas of the map. Almost every time I ended up getting mauled by crocs as soon as I reached land, or my raft was destroyed, or my bed or some other stupid thing happened. I stuck at it, determined to get somewhere. I finally found some relatively safe land, and made a claim. I built up my house, stockpiled resources, built a sloop, better gear and weapons etc. It was fun for a time, until I get off of work one day and log in to find my land had been stolen, my house was destroyed along with all of the resources and gear I had stashed in it, and somehow I'd been killed while I was offline and everything I had on my character was gone to. I was pissed but still determined to press on. I then made the mistake of leaving the company i created for myself that I was the sole member of, unknowingly losing both my sloop and my raft in the process. With no way to build a new vessel, i had to return to the freeport and start over. Now I've sailed out from the Freeport three times seeking land to start over and each time I've been waylaid by Ships of the Damned and destroyed, losing everything I had over and over again, and the hours I put in to rebuilding. It's depressing, and games shouldn't be depressing. It shouldn't be so difficult for new players, and players having to start over from scratch to get started and make their claim in the world. That's my take on the game so far. Thanks for the 2x havesting baseline though, that makes it at least a little more bearable.
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