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  1. my download was 6.4 gig oO
  2. all i can say is this the land claim change happen late in the early morning hours and many many companies lost alot of fully built base and lost so much and now they are out now for the sleepers yes they are gone but others that weren't got hurt in the fire blast range and many lost too much to rebuild again.
  3. i'm very happy to say we are fully up and running with Castle and Base and well over 15 ships and fighting and battling and stealing lands and killing SoD's come on and join us its just keep getting better.
  4. 13 ships big and tiny ones and the Gallon join us on A08 N/A Pve island HH
  5. The fleet is ready the team is ready we are now ten strong come on and join us its getting bigger The Empire will strike back once more
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