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  1. Hey, thanks for the DevKit, good job nailing release date :3 From description I figured how to test maps in editor, however, how do I test specific Mods (those that modify game by inheriting from “Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/PrimalGameData_BP.PrimalGameData_BP'”) in editor? Is there a way to specify which mod to use while running a map in editor?
  2. Waiting for this myself, I hope to be able to get rid of those stupid 'motors' from sailboats and maybe even improve on sailing even more for those of us who actually enjoy challenge of sailing :3
  3. Exactly, some small buffs for staying alive longer would be great. Right now its actually more beneficial to kill yourself since you get meat and hide.... I still try to manage food since its quite fun system, but I do it only for immersion reason right now.
  4. Small thing but would definitely add to fun
  5. I fully support giving option to revert it for unofficial servers, preferably just expose a lot of variables for us to fiddle with so every server can adjust it to their liking. That makes me wonder @niteowl841, do you have idea how sailing could be done even better than it was before patch? With upcoming mod support, we should be able to make it as fun and rewarding as we want
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