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  1. Rikard

    In Game Voice Chat is Not Working

    Same here, I’ve checked all the settings and it still doesn’t work even though everything looks good. I’m on pc as well.
  2. I am having alot of trouble putting ceiling or wall pieces on our galleon due to a recent bug where it says my wall or ceiling is requiring foundation support....
  3. Rikard

    Creature Designer

    Id like to see a tame that can go fetch fishes. Like a seagull or maybe the penguin. Wouldn't it be awesome if they brought the fishes in their mouth to a location of your choosing
  4. Rikard

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Confirmed. Just did it at D12 on EU/PVE. Not easy though, died like 20-30 times before I managed to get into the cave and nail it.
  5. Rikard

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    I played around in D12, and there was alot of people there.. Now i got DC
  6. Rikard

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    ty, and it should be up for roughly 4 hours or so, right?
  7. Rikard

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Do you know which would be the next grid in rotation (if there are any set rotations)
  8. Rikard

    Elephant taming not working

    I finally managed to tame an elephant. The option to feed it comes up pretty much anywhere you stand, but if you stand between the elephants legs it worked for me. Tamed successfully at J5 using potatoes
  9. Rikard

    Crew on sails

    Hi, Is it possible to lower all speed sails but keep the handling sails up for a quicker narrow turn. Can you somehow put the crew in groups and per group lower/raise or turn sails? Im solo running a galleon with crew; that’s why I’m asking
  10. Rikard

    bug All my friends losing characters!!!

    Same here, was crossing zones and now i cannot rejoin.
  11. Rikard

    REJOIN option gone!

    Crossed the border and now I cannot rejoin. Was going to K5 on EU PVE, got disconnected. Shortly after I got back in and looked like I was heading towards J5, and then disconnected again. Now the option to rejoin is gone...
  12. Rikard

    Log In Issues? Rejoin Atlas Missing?

    happend to me once i crossed a border, now i dont have the option to rejoin...
  13. at least you get to try to rejoin, that option is gone for me....
  14. Rikard

    Ships with red lights

    Yes you make dye from a cooking station. You need wood for fire, berries and filled water pouches for the different colors. The type of berries doesn’t decide the color, so go ahead and pick any kind. Then simply drag the colored flask to any lantern, brush or piece of clothing or so to dye them.