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  1. Ahoi ATLAS parrot and penguin I know this is not a professionnel work, but I do this because it's my passion This game gives me so many options and whoo gotta love all the details pirates ftw and cuddly penguins always ftw Where's the FoY?!! .. uh, dunno because I love all the details around
  2. Really love the Hydra Armor already! An also those awesome pieces of conceptwork Can hardly wait for the stream to start on friday - Will Hydra Armor be just cosmetic? - Is there any way to force the system to only remove players from full servers who don't have land claimed there? Congratz to "Eyezombie"
  3. Why don't you just report them thu ticket system, if you are sure some of them are cheating... Support -> Report Player https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/ Btw
  4. Genau, je mehr Flaggen du hast desto geringer die Zeit. Hast du nur eine Flagge ist der Timer viel länger als wenn du oder deine Company schon 10 Flaggen hast (als Beispiel).
  5. My thoughts exactly! And the new lock system in PvE is one of the best things they've added now. I play both, PvE and PvP and there is no real seperation between both modes right now. Hope they'll add some more PvE features so we dont have to deal any longer with destroyig bases and ships in PvE.
  6. aww thanks you and congratz to all winners and also the ones who arent listed! All the screenshots, videos and fanarts were amazing and I love to scroll thru all the stuff!
  7. If yu want offline-raid prtection then you have to play on private server. There are no rules like this on official server and I hope they will never add something like this. Due to different timezones it would never be fair to everyone at once. And besides this, official server PvP is the hardest and should stay the hardest.
  8. I don't see a reason why it should not be allowed. I mean build a bridge or something or having rafts instead doesnt make a difference
  9. I totally agree. PVE is not really PVE right now, it's more like PVE/P. So either add a 3rd Server mode or make PVE being PVE. - Limit the flags per player/ company - Remove the flag system for PVE or find a fair balance. Not everyone is playing 24/7 and esp PVE players having focus on crafting/ building/ farming/ taming/ exploring and don't want to rebuild everything twice a week or something. If players want to fight and want to defend bases, they would join a PVP server. Sure there's the problem with the servers, with the amount of players vs islands (I do understand the Devs), but here needs to be started to find a fair balance and to keep PVE how it should be. And this forum is a good way to write down complains and also ideas, so the Devs can thinking about it maybe get new ideas.
  10. I had not much time to draw this and already sitting on another draft But hope u'll like and enjoy it
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