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    Blackwood Map, no Hydra or Drakospawn

    Hello, when i spawn the Hydra with Admin Comands, then are the lvl from this are random. gives a command to spawn the Hydra with lvl 150 or hihgher.... ???
  2. defcon5

    Blackwood Map, no Hydra or Drakospawn

    I have seen the Hydra and the Drako in the game without spawncommands. he comes only by the settings DinoCountMultiplier=1, about this are not PLayable at the Blackwood-Powerstoneland. when this setting not adjastetd then are to many Mermaids and sharks at the sea near the Powerstones. Then i have in range about 15 mermaids and 10 sharks.... this is too many, (overspawn)... gives a command for the Gameini, to adjusted the Spawn for the Mermaid and the Shark in this region... ??
  3. Hello Everyone, i have a little Problem with the spawns from the Hydra/Drako on the Blackwood-Map-Server. I have adjastet the settings DinoCountMutliplier to 0.4, thats better to play in the Powerstone region. Now, have the Problem, with this settings are the Hydra/Drako not spawn. Can i adjust the spawnsettings, thats the requested animals are the first was spawn... also, the Hydra/Drako , the Bos (Big-Snake) are the First one at Spawn. thx
  4. defcon5

    more Bugs on Blackwood Map

    - overspawn on Mermaids at the Powerstone Island - no fishes on deep water, only wale - stucking water on the upper right island near Freeport and Hydra - different resources from Plants between the Original Server Maps (Fiber, Fruits...)
  5. Hello Forum, we can i design and uplad my creation of a Shipflag. Thx