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  1. Hello, i have a problem with my Blackwood Server, thaths cannot find in the Server list from Atlas, the Server have Mods, Status are running, about after the last Client Update cannot find mor the Server. gives Problems with Mods, and the new Update 405.9 ? or is the Last Update only for Client... following Mods are Installed: eco's RP Decor, Atlas Hitching Post, IndiamanShip v1.2.4 (BETA), Market NPCs, HeavyShip2, Snapping Shipyards, No More Mini Games!, Medium Gates, Water Well Status from Server are Running, Restart Server, without finding at Atlas...
  2. Hello, when i spawn the Hydra with Admin Comands, then are the lvl from this are random. gives a command to spawn the Hydra with lvl 150 or hihgher.... ???
  3. I have seen the Hydra and the Drako in the game without spawncommands. he comes only by the settings DinoCountMultiplier=1, about this are not PLayable at the Blackwood-Powerstoneland. when this setting not adjastetd then are to many Mermaids and sharks at the sea near the Powerstones. Then i have in range about 15 mermaids and 10 sharks.... this is too many, (overspawn)... gives a command for the Gameini, to adjusted the Spawn for the Mermaid and the Shark in this region... ??
  4. Hello Everyone, i have a little Problem with the spawns from the Hydra/Drako on the Blackwood-Map-Server. I have adjastet the settings DinoCountMutliplier to 0.4, thats better to play in the Powerstone region. Now, have the Problem, with this settings are the Hydra/Drako not spawn. Can i adjust the spawnsettings, thats the requested animals are the first was spawn... also, the Hydra/Drako , the Bos (Big-Snake) are the First one at Spawn. thx
  5. - overspawn on Mermaids at the Powerstone Island - no fishes on deep water, only wale - stucking water on the upper right island near Freeport and Hydra - different resources from Plants between the Original Server Maps (Fiber, Fruits...)
  6. Hello Forum, we can i design and uplad my creation of a Shipflag. Thx
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