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  1. I think this guy has a good idea on how to help smaller companies with this issue:
  2. Did not have a smithy and it was a schooner. If a schooner has a shorter decay time than a sloop I will commit the deathpacito.Edit:yes, I had my sloop parked for over 12 hours in a freeport while I was offline and it survived it nearly completly healthy.
  3. Lost my schooner in a freeport. My friend woke up today and it was perfectly healthy, 30mins later he logged out again. 1 hour later we logged back in and it was gone. It got destryoed for no f***ing reason. They need to fix this.
  4. How can a schooner decay faster than a sloop? A few days ago I left a sloop in the freeport for nearly 2 days and it stayed pretty healthy. I feel like decaying is not an option here...
  5. Yesterday I drove with my ship (a schooner) to the freeport in L12. Today I logged in and it was completly destroyed. I was offline for around 8hours. Can a brand new ship decay within this short amount of time or is there another way my ship could have been sunk? I also noticed some bug reports here that say that ships can be randomly detroyed threw a bug. Thank you for your support!
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