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  1. Decent log, but if I may offer feedback, @Jatheish, on the balance of stone vs. wood and defense vs. offense. Currently, the balance is heavily skewed towards offense. It is, by any account, extremely easy to break into bases, not to mention sink ships. Explosives are very strong and cheap to make in large quantities. Cannonball from any regular ship cannon can penetrate the strongest walls in less than a minute or so. Making wood stronger, comparatively, isn't a bad idea, but it shouldn't have been to the detriment of stone. You should have made wood stronger - certainly - but also done the same with stone and it'd have been a good idea to think about the introduction of a next-tier material, something like "Reinforced Stone", with a lot more HP and durability but higher cost to craft. Likewise, tougher planks wouldn't be a bad idea. As far as ships go, boosting the resistance of planks on higher-tier vessels wouldn't hurt. Combat, right now, is very fast. A few cannon hits and planks go flying. If you want smaller crews to keep "livin' the pirate life", give them a better chance to keep their vessels alive by shoring up both ship and static defenses. Lastly, adding more stuff on the seas should be a priority: merchant ships (carrying rare goods) we can attack, reducing the weight of gold coins, etc., etc.
  2. They do. Some of the big companies have grapeshot devs/admins in their ranks. They're really handy at fixing issues very quickly while the rest of the plebs can wait weeks through the ticket system.
  3. Stop streaming or add a longer delay. Problem (largely) solved.
  4. Joined a few hours after they launched on the 3rd and it's been, by far, the most pleasant experience I've had on Atlas so far. Top quality performances, fun team, good PvP. There's also a bit for everyone, with the way they have designed the servers.
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