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  1. Sell a product for £20, drive the playerbase away, have a viable excuse for shutting the servers down. Repeat.
  2. It's already been explained to you how it's 'going to turn out'. Lawless everywhere. On a positive note I've just bought conan exiles as well, so I'll spend this evening watching TV with the wife while it installs. GL to everyone who decides to jump back onto this merry-go-round and as for this supposed 'majority' who are coming back-they left already because of shit mechanics. They'll leave again. This company seems determined to drive away it's playerbase, so once you're all established again, it'll be some lame fucking excuse about how they've "came to the difficult decision about having to merge the servers", blah, blah.
  3. The point in all of this is some people have persisted throughout all the difficulties. The devs stance prior to this bombshell was the changes being made are there to benefit the small groups and solo players. The reality is this only creates a situation where anyone deciding to start anew will be forced into large groups just in case they decide to take a holiday and lose everything. That and with the constant worry that all your hard work and grinding will come to naught the next time some idiot decided a wipe's a good idea. New content? Nope, you need to be in an org sizable enough to take on an endgame boss. Nah, fuck your game. I fold. [edit] FYI, I persisted for the first 2 weeks on lawless servers before finding a spot. Now, I can go to pretty much any island within 2 grids and find a spot to build.
  4. Spot on. It's boiling my piss. I'm quite happy playing solo, but I have a good relationship with the other groups on our island-we all look out for each other. My base is small-fits within 2 flags because I'm not greedy. I've spent +400 hours, despite having a full time job and wife building up my base and adding a harbour to prevent my ships being sunk again through poorly thought out and exploitable mechanics. I've travelled the seas looking for resources to build because of the change to structure costs , but still find myself and my tames standing on the ground because we've fallen through the cliff platform. That or lose pets to aggro that manage to glitch into my base. I've spent hours trying to get past stacked monsters in order to hit the fountain upon reaching level 90+. Twice. I've had to go and replace NPCs that bounced off into the sunset when unseating and had to try to remember where exactly I was 15 mins ago prior to the unannounced rollback following a server crash to find the bear I was sitting on. I've been through alpha spams, SOTD spams, and been camped by packs of wolves. Are they saying that this unannounced and unwanted wipe is going to solve all of the other problems we're experiencing here? Are they fuck.
  5. Officially can't be fucked playing anymore. Grats, you did what lag, rubber banding, glitchy mechanics and excessive build costs failed to do.
  6. Ask what's left of the community whether they'd rather have a game where players/npc/tames don't glitch through supposed solid surfaces, or have a submarine and grass skirt...
  7. Would also like to see a sail on the bowsprit deploy, even if it’s merely cosmetic
  8. Exactly. Nothing they've put in that post is accurate. Wood still vulnerable to animals, no reduction in crafting costs. It's a variable in the code that would take 2 seconds to change and it's beyond me why it's still not been done.
  9. WOOD, STONE, SAP, AND EXPLOSIVES Our initial thought behind the change was that we wanted to buff Wood so that it was closer to Stone in terms of strength, so that early and midgame players would be at less of a disadvantage if they weren’t using stone. Whilst we’re not going to be entirely walking back this change, we think we may have overshot with our changes and as a result will be making some adjustments in an upcoming update. We plan to address the availability of sap and also look at base defence which means possible changes explosives, and other gameplay mechanics encompassing raiding to see where else we want to make adjustments. It’s something we’re still exploring internally but plan to have patched relatively soon. It’s possible that our first round of changes may not be enough, and if so don’t worry, as we’ll continue to adjust as necessary. Source:
  10. Read it again bud. They're talking about balance patches coming in before Feb's main one. "Between now and February’s Mega update, you’ll see a number of patches which will help improve various aspects of the game based on your feedback."
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