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  1. Katastrophe

    GAME CRASH On Preset Load

    After verifying game files twice, it's still crashing when I try to load my preset character
  2. Katastrophe

    GAME CRASH On Preset Load

    Ahoy! Whenever I make a new character and attempt to load a preset I have, I get an EU-64 crash. The crash report is below. Thank you!
  3. Katastrophe

    Glitching Through Walls

    Dear Devs: Please fix these janky animal AI's. They are glitching through walls and Alphas are glitching through animal barns and murdering all of the pets! Also, alphas like to get stuck INSIDE of whatever animal you are riding; in which case RIP your poor critter P.S. Gimmie all da pirate booty! With Love, Kat
  4. Katastrophe

    Freeport Auction House

    Love this idea! Hopefully some more votes come in :)