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  1. DilBert

    ship removed from company!!!

    Been like it is atm since the restart, so nothing to do with the recent change to be able to unclaim a ship.
  2. DilBert

    ship removed from company!!!

    Have not seen any Dev confirmation on this but with all the reports in forums and in discord it is boarded in the 3 week period.
  3. DilBert

    ship removed from company!!!

    They will go poof if no one boards them for 3 weeks.
  4. DilBert

    Ship LvL and Quality

    100%(base)=lvl 42. 1 lvl per 10% above 100%=lvl 44. the formula is correct.
  5. correct. If it had wild lvl 10, it would be lvl 10+10+30= lvl 50 max.
  6. Not at all, It is Atlas' policy to hold everyone in a company and even alliances responsible for anything against the CoC. It is nothing new, there have been many company/ally wide Dev wipes.
  7. DilBert

    Upgraded hangar = upgraded sub??

    A few people posted in discord they tried and it does not.
  8. It is not a bug, it is intended feature.
  9. DilBert

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    both ships will be immobile while harpoon is attached. larger ship can just pull smaller to it.
  10. DilBert

    Allow better land management for landlords

    Going to own an island you can not be lazy. That is the whole point of anyone being able to build anywhere. Do not want them there then you have to destroy what they build. Have to be diligent to get rid of the spammers.
  11. Blame the player before you that kited it to the border.
  12. DilBert

    Anchored ships disappeared?

    has to be personal owner in render range, it appears.
  13. DilBert

    Anchored ships disappeared?

    have to be in render range(have to be able to see it) of the owner. If the owner has not been in render range in fourteen days( Got number from reports not tested myself) it will go poof. Freeports and golden isles have increased decay.
  14. DilBert

    No Large Cannons on Deck

  15. DilBert

    Imprinting - All or nothing?

    Imprinting only applies to the one who imprinted the tame. That the definition of imprinting. lol