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  1. DilBert


    they still control the quests. they have to "flip the switch"
  2. DilBert

    Ramshackle sloop

    it starts at 800. 1200 is max.
  3. DilBert

    Game Breaking Bug

    Old bug brought back by the mega update. Happens when you mesh. Was fixed by not being able to climb with picks in those areas.
  4. DilBert


    There are many new ones. whale killer, one about discovery points, can not recall them all atm.
  5. DilBert


    the passive gain without rain for water barrels was not intended. That is what was fixed.
  6. DilBert


    Water barrel was bugged before and has been fixed. it was in the PTR notes. - Water Barrels now correctly gain water when unstasising, if the grid has experienced rain in that time.
  7. DilBert

    Could someone please...

    115086 total MB
  8. Decay to structure on lawless has not been added yet. Repair structure never existed since it was for the claimless PvE servers. They 4 day timer is the same 4 day activity demo timer. Structure decay will be added along with the 4 day timer.
  9. DilBert

    NA Pve - It's not a test server

    The reason it will be a PTR is because it is going to wipe. Test, wipe(repeat as needed), then goes to live server hopeful wipe will not be needed for a while.
  10. DilBert

    Taking down NA PVE?

    They need different feedback for PvP and PvE colonie claims they have different rulesets. need feedback for each.
  11. DilBert

    PTR count down

    10GB approx.
  12. DilBert


    They have been real clear in discord that the PTR, that should be opening today, will be pvp colonies.
  13. DilBert


    The second half is the opinion of the person who quoted Dollie. It is from Pve-general chat in discord. First line is Dollie, second line is Mithrian. The start of PTR is going to be PvP colonies, there have been hints that Pve will get some test time before PTR is over.
  14. DilBert

    Server wipe

    It was never the 8th of April, it was the week of April 8th.
  15. DilBert

    WTF, where is PTS??