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  1. with bear is the best option but most of the high quality treasures are on stupid high spots ;( 5 x 15.6 treasure maps all in polar region and all on top of the mountains..... trash maps ;(
  2. @Necromancie level a bit more your character, kill animals and look for low quality maps like 50+ gold get managed to craft plate or leather armore and sword or pike and every level up goes in health later in stammina unlock the piracy skiiltree and put some points in extra damage for the army of the dead you can easily do 120+ gold treasures solo kill the small adds first (low hp) and hit & run with the big ugly guy... watch out for the stunning attack and thats it btw. DEVS! pls fix your treasures maps since release the aotd dont come out bug still exist or you must fight two groups... too many treasures are on cliffs, rocky mountains on spots you cant fight them... one wrong step or dodge and you fall.... FIX IT ASAP! ;(^^
  3. Good News! focus on new content, better mechanics and perfomance
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