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  1. B7 Map on island Climbing Archipelago, center of Northwest landmass. Reward was listed at 627 on map, reward received was 507.
  2. Womba


    Boomer.... I have always enjoyed reading your posts and responses...until this. It's too late to go and get a good ribeye now and damnit, I hate you for now making me hungry for one. That said, if they can't find a way to join PVP and PVE elements into the same server, I don't see much of a bright future for the game. I really am not a fan of PVP myself but I have enjoyed dabbling in it from time to time and supporting my pvp friends by farming and building for them. So many grids, I don't see why they couldn't break it into PVE, PVP zones.
  3. Network: NA PVE Grid: H2 Description of issue: Trying to climb from water to boat in H2 using rope ladders (Especially one on back of boat) you get the hand position as though you are climbing however you just move forward towards the boat or away. Sometimes you will bug and it jumps you to the top but most often you have to try over and over. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: NO Repro steps if available/applicable: Go to back of boat, enter water and try and climb up emergency rope ladder while your floating. CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report):
  4. Honestly to me the true test will be the console players and if they can retain them. I don't see a big injection of PC players as each Mega Update (I know, all 2 of them) seems to bring back fewer players. I think the real test of the long term viability will be HOW they add console to the game. Wipe or not? Console specific servers or a mix? I think a lot of optimizations need to occur with a very clearly defined plan from the developers. If console release fails, I just don't know how they come back. At the end of the day, there are only two cash cows for them that I can see and not knowing what the cash burn is from the initial flood of EA release funding, console failure I am afraid will spell doom. FtP MMO's at this scale? I don't see how a business or game developers survive.
  5. Womba

    The Ice Box .

    (In Tundra)We set up 2 in our house and then just to see, one underwater in our harbor. Harbor outproduced both of the house ones combined by far. Just make sure if you put one under water, don't put it under your dock directly, house bonus actually is a thing under water.
  6. Womba


    Did they fix the bug that was going on with ships being stuck at levels when they came out of anything but normal shipyards?
  7. Womba

    G15 TO G1

    Yes you can, just did it yesterday.
  8. Womba

    Logging in

    I'm having the same issue. I saw tweets that they were doing maintenance on NA servers but even though they say it is completed, having the same issue myself.
  9. Please put Alliance ability back into PvE. Having to rely on 40 different discords to maintain relationships and chats makes trading insanely difficult. Add in the population shortage on NA PvE and the game feels empty of that Multiplayer experience . Perhaps this can create issues for overall balance but I don't see how Alliances in PvE breaks the game. Please forgive my ignorance if I am missing something but I think allowing more communication across server populations will help with player retention and a sense of community.
  10. Womba

    My Suggestion for NA PvE - All Lawless

    Understanding that people don't want landlords, I hate travelling to Lawless. Pillar, foundation spam, absolute urban vibe that is such an eyesore...you can keep Lawless, I would rather be a tenant.
  11. Womba

    5 Hours upkeep timer is too short for PVE

    Apparently there are some who have figured out how to cheat the timer by somehow getting themselves glitched so the body doesn't decay/die but isn't considered logged off. Have seen this with a few of the Chinese companies plots.
  12. Womba

    Flag Timer question

    Can anyone explain how the timer actually works? When looking to pop a claim the timer seems to count up and not down. Does anyone know what the number would be for when a claim can be contested?