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  1. Malyshka

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    make it 20+ more since me and my ppl are still logged out and unable to check whats going on there.. one of us was dead on another quadrant and its able to play, but another one that tryed to fast travel got kicked and now cant acces to eu pvp in general
  2. Malyshka

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    where is now? o14 or already c6?
  3. Malyshka

    Ship sink bug PVE

    and after almost 10 days the problem isnt solved and the situation is the same.. i see daily more ship sinked on pve then when i was playing on pvp, its getting annoying.. not to mention the fact that if by mistake u accidentally jump on one of the 1000000 rafts that are gathering on our beaches u start floating forever and you cant even suicide after the latest fix to the parry mechanics and you have just to watch the monitor for hours praying for a miracle or a rapid death
  4. Malyshka

    Fix EU PVP N 11 Server !

    just clarify: EU PVP N11
  5. Malyshka

    Can't load back in

    same here, N11 EU PVP
  6. Malyshka

    Fix EU PVP N 11 Server !

    server N11 down for more then 3h, noone can log