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  1. We had this exact issue a few months back, decided to stop playing till its fixed, very sad to see it still persists.
  2. Wild pirates are enabled, yes. Our only issue with those has been duplicating camps, no missing pieces in the camps yet. As in 2-7 identical camps spawned on top of eachother in the exact same place. I doubt its related to our issue though, seems very unlikely but annoying none the less as you take one wall down and there's another one at full health in the same spot. Easily fixed with a cheat kill command tho. I'll try to pay closer attention if we play again, to see if we also see pirate camps with the same issue. Atm though, we lost our motivation to play as we're randomly losing tons of resources every day.. up to multiple times a day, depending on how often we return to base.
  3. We own ours, we havent used fast travel but I appreciate giving your ideas. We have left the grid with our ships though. Also lost a bear on the last journey, so things arent getting better.. Might put this game on hold untill this issue is resolved, I can only imagine how bad it must be on official servers, where people can raid you.
  4. Network: Playing non dedicated coop. Grid: M5 Issue: I've been playing non dedicated with my wife for a while, and the other day our smithy workbench disappeared. Edit: Placed directly on foundations that were still intact. I figured it was probably a minor issue that was pretty rare but came back yesterday to half our base having vanished. Not only had our loom, ice box and bed vanished... Half the building had gone with it as well as a saddle equipped to our tiger. It was full of holes and we have floating workbenches and boxes everywhere now since the ceilings are gone without a trace. This makes it really hard to enjoy building a home port. Edit2: Just logged on and our Schooner was also missing ceiling pieces on the deck and the wheel.. Repro: Not sure, it seems to happen randomly. Screenshots of the aftermath: Any temporary fixes will be appreciated while the devs work on the issue.
  5. Only thing keeping me from buying this game atm is the lack of singleplayer.
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