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  1. Sydhart

    Bankrupt game

    Yep, waiting on New World as well. Amazon has the assets to actually hire competent designers and will be able to actually fund development without doing cash grab releases of unfinished games.
  2. Map is cool but unfinished, buggy, and imbalanced. Is it possible for a group to use the map editor to go in and fix it?
  3. Sydhart

    Do the silos not work for single player

    They don't work on the Blackwood map at all if that is what you are playing. Blackwood map has all kinds of issues such as plant boxes not working on most islands, falling through the water in some areas, way too many damned mermaids on the Powerstone island, no fish in ocean in many areas, that I doubt will be fixed.
  4. Sydhart

    Nitrado Blackwood Server High CPU Usage

    So we figured out what it is. Going to share in case this is happening to others. We started poking around in the files and within atlasmain/shootergame/saved there is a file that holds information for the individual players. Not sure what all of it is but there were a couple that were very large, like 2.4GB. The file extensions are XXXXXXXXXXXX.arkprofile. We analyzed the file and it was just a bunch of bed activity and other nonsense. So we deleted the largest file and viola, no issues. So now we go in and clean out all those files that get too large.
  5. Renting a server from Nitrado and running the Blackwood map. It was great for about 2 weeks but as of early last week the CPU usage on the dashboard shows continuous 90%-95% usage. Restart helps for a short time but within 10-30 minutes the RAM usage jumps up and CPU pegs out again and we get terrible rubber banding to the point it's unplayable. We don't have a ton of large buildings or anything and only about 10 ships. Got about 10-12 bears tamed, 3 giraffes, 2 elephants, and some chickens, sheep, and cows but nothing crazy. We've messed with the config settings a bit and have 3X harvesting, XP, mating, etc. Half on food and vitamins consumption. I don't think there's anything on settings that are way out of line but maybe certain settings really screw up the program? We had some issues with claims and company where we lost some claim flags along with boats and buildings and had to use admin commands to force ownership back too. I wish we could just turn claim flags off as it's a PITA but not sure what setting that is. I feel like that may be part of the issue. Anyone else having similar issues or have any suggestions?
  6. Sydhart

    How dead is it on your server?

    I haven't logged onto NA PVE for a couple weeks now. Before that, for a month, it was really just to feed animals and check gold on ships. Now I could care less. Was waiting to see how the ARK expansion would turn out and based on bug reports and what I've seen so far in reviews not going to bother picking it up. Playing on a private server at the moment with a couple real life friends and family but once that gets old (and Cyberpunk comes out) I'm absolutely done with this company. Very poor communication, lack of QC in patch releases, lack of vision, and lack of understanding on what their community wants. It was a fun ride through ARK and Atlas but without some major communication changes and innovations in the game, this company is done.
  7. Sydhart

    Too much negativity

    Animal hands down!
  8. Sydhart

    Abandoned ships

    Yes, anyone. Really sort sighted on the coding of that one. There's still a raft in D6 Mid Southwest large Island that's been stuck in a dock since almost the launch date. No bed and just a chest and a campfire on it. The company name and everything else is all digits because the owner doesn't even exist on the servers anymore. The owners of that dock just built around it. Very laughable.
  9. Based on the initial reviews of Genesis, I don't think we'll be seeing any development here for a while. Looks like they dropped another giant turd and this one may just overflow the shit show to the point where the company may have to dig for a while.
  10. Sydhart

    Blackwood Ghost/Merchant Ship?

    I've never seen the Ghost ship in the Blackwood dedicated server that my friend has. Not a ton of hours in it, about 40, but it's a fairly small map and I've sailed over all of it multiple times gathering resources.
  11. Sydhart

    An idea for a mod

    There was a similar suggestion of making something like this in the Freeports. Where you have a animal yard with a vendor who you list your animals with. Essentially it just uploads the animal to the server, you can scroll through the animals on the list that includes type, price, base stats window, then select the one you want and poof, one of the animals in the pen becomes your new purchased animal. There are so many good ideas out there that could make this game great but there has been zero recognition by this development team. So sad.
  12. Sydhart

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    What is silly and just broken is that there are players with multiple accounts and alt companies that own dozen's of islands and don't do shit on them except earn gold from treasure maps. The current design of this game is a broken mess.
  13. Sydhart

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    Can also tame a cow. Much easier to get Vitamin D and it also replenishes water. But yes, I agree that the map needs work on the ocean life. Diving into the sea and seeing no fish is not very immersive. On the other hand, there is zero risk in going after ship wrecks.
  14. Sydhart

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Mostly just adjustments for PvP. Zero new content and very few QoL adjustments except for the adjustments to loot tables which is nice (and should have been done a year ago). Very disappointed right now to be honest. When are speed sails going to be fixed? When are we going to get some new ship designs? I'm bored to death of sailing for hours upon hours just auto-sailing along gridlines to get maps.
  15. Sydhart

    The end game

    Lol, Atlas has rewarding PvP? There is ZERO reward. There is literally ZERO point, ZERO accountability, and ZERO skill to the PvP in this game. PvP is based on who has the most time and best exploits to grief people until they give up.
  16. Sydhart

    The end game

    The upsurge in December is from the last large patch so people could test the changes. The upsurge in April 2019 was due to the wipe and reset, in October was due to Xbox release, and in December was a long awaited large patch that people jumped on to test. The average daily players in February 2019, 3 months after release was approximately 11K, a year later it's around 5.5K. That's 5.5K players spread across 4 map clusters (15X15X5 cluster = 900 map grids), so approximately 6.1 players per grid. Those are not healthy numbers at all. Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players Last 30 Days 5,337.3 -277.9 -4.95% 11,548 January 2020 5,615.2 +83.9 +1.52% 11,844 December 2019 5,531.3 +1,396.9 +33.79% 11,649 November 2019 4,134.4 +913.8 +28.37% 8,163 October 2019 3,220.7 +1,775.2 +122.81% 6,287 September 2019 1,445.5 -868.4 -37.53% 2,942 August 2019 2,313.9 -502.7 -17.85% 5,221 July 2019 2,816.6 -748.9 -21.00% 5,293 June 2019 3,565.5 -1,641.3 -31.52% 7,276 May 2019 5,206.8 -529.5 -9.23% 10,040 April 2019 5,736.3 +2,706.8 +89.35% 12,298 March 2019 3,029.5 -8,355.6 -73.39% 9,331 February 2019 11,385.1 -15,256.7 -57.27% 25,026 January 2019 26,641.8 -12,673.8 -32.24% 55,297 December 2018 39,315.6 - - 58,788
  17. Sydhart

    The end game

    Yep, I haven't had the urge to log on for about 3 weeks now due to boredom. Started a new playthrough of Witcher 3 and at the rate they are going, Cyberpunk 2077 will be out before I get interested again. Game is going to die completely if they don't get something going soon.
  18. This has been broken/bugged/implemented poorly since release over a year ago. There are multiple threads on this and ZERO acknowledgement. I really love when I'm in a rush to logoff and finally able to anchor my galleon with 900 cannonballs and forget to hit "C". Then log back on to the sounds of my NPC's shooting at fish in the water and almost out of cannonballs.
  19. Sydhart

    War on pve?

    All assumptions on your part and incorrect in the case of the 2 servers I played on. It's all based on the Admin and rule sets. The players all traded and helped each other and the PvP areas were there because the Admin were awesome and we built a community arena and had events like treasure hunts. You could participate or not and it really didn't impact the PvE side. People that built in the PvP areas could only be raided/attacked at certain times and only IF they were online. Violation of the rules were strictly enforced and players were banned for a week for 1st offense and permanently for 2nd offense. For the most part we had zero problems as most of the core group was mature players who understood rules, consequences, and accountability. Unfortunately, the servers only lasted a few months each due to the cost and the number of players who gave up on the game due to bugs and lack of progress in development. So it can be done, you just have active admin and mods and who must occasionally take out the "trash".
  20. Sydhart

    War on pve?

    We've been asking for this for a year now. Some private servers run a PVPVE mix that works well. For instance, I played on a custom 4X4 grid where the middle 4 zones were PvP zones and on a 5X5 where the middle row and middle column were PvP and the rest was PvE. It was pretty cool. No reason Grapeshot can't do something like.
  21. I haven't even been able to motivate myself to login to this game for about 2 weeks now except for once each week just to feed animals. I'm bored and burned out feeding animals and sailing to do treasure maps to pay crew. I'm almost to the point of just saying screw it and uninstalling because I don't think there is going to be any changes that will make this game worthwhile to continue investing time into it considering the path it's already taken. I've pretty much done everything 3X already.
  22. Sydhart

    Transporting Animals on Ships

    Working as intended...
  23. Sydhart

    Problem with bank! HELP! (SOLVED!)

    Need to get rid of the old bank. It's a pain in the ass too trying to move all that inventory. I had to remove 1.5Million wood, Thatch, and other crap from one. You can't popcorn it out of the bank and I was afraid to just destroy it and didn't trust the inventory would just fall on the ground and I could pick it all up so it took multiple people hours to get it all out. Shitty thing is I need to do it again to our base in A1. It was also set down by someone that is no longer around and only I (as Admin) can access the inventory even though the rank is set to 0. So stupid! It makes me not even want to log on. This game has the worst system of large inventory management but we've posted enough about that.
  24. Sydhart

    What Does Gum Look Like

    Found in the Equatorial biome so not sure you will find any in the desert? Typically found around the big lily pads in the swamp area if I remember correctly. Watch out for them gators though! https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/resource/22 If you mean what sap is in the desert, then you want to look for Sugars or Honey. Use https://antihax.github.io/ and type in the type of sap you want and it shows you the islands where it's located.
  25. Sydhart

    Getting rid of inactive ships?

    You can't. Decaying of ships is not working correctly either.