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    Transporting Animals on Ships

    Working as intended...
  2. Sydhart

    Problem with bank! HELP! (SOLVED!)

    Need to get rid of the old bank. It's a pain in the ass too trying to move all that inventory. I had to remove 1.5Million wood, Thatch, and other crap from one. You can't popcorn it out of the bank and I was afraid to just destroy it and didn't trust the inventory would just fall on the ground and I could pick it all up so it took multiple people hours to get it all out. Shitty thing is I need to do it again to our base in A1. It was also set down by someone that is no longer around and only I (as Admin) can access the inventory even though the rank is set to 0. So stupid! It makes me not even want to log on. This game has the worst system of large inventory management but we've posted enough about that.
  3. Sydhart

    What Does Gum Look Like

    Found in the Equatorial biome so not sure you will find any in the desert? Typically found around the big lily pads in the swamp area if I remember correctly. Watch out for them gators though! https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/resource/22 If you mean what sap is in the desert, then you want to look for Sugars or Honey. Use https://antihax.github.io/ and type in the type of sap you want and it shows you the islands where it's located.
  4. Sydhart

    Getting rid of inactive ships?

    You can't. Decaying of ships is not working correctly either.
  5. Sydhart

    Is this legal?

    There's a lot of good island owners out there and lawless islands that you can build on where you don't have to deal with the ignorant spammers.
  6. Sydhart


    You can also build a steering platform with railings around it that isn't on the top deck. I've never been pulled off any of my ships with this design.
  7. I think the biggest problem is that there is no objective in PvP in Atlas. There should be some kind of risk versus reward. Right now, all PvP is just trying to completely wipe people out. So the only objective is complete annihilation. The time to build up in order to compete only to lose it all within a couple hours of being offline is just not worth it to most people so they quit. That doesn't create a sustainable game. And because the risk is so high many people are willing to cheat so they don't "lose". It's a piss poor recipe that only brews disaster. Without some kind of accountability and objectives, there is no reason to keep playing in PvP.
  8. Sydhart

    abandoned boats in players harbours

    I don't think the ship decay is working correctly. I've had 2 rafts in my harbor for over a month now. There's been zero activity. One is only a campfire and storage chest so no one is spawning on it.
  9. How exactly would you "exploit" it? People have already done this in private servers and been successful. I played on a 5V5 grid server with some fun custom mods where the middle zones were Golden Age and PvP zones and the outer zones were Freeport and Non-PvE. It was great. Unfortunately it shut down due to cost of running 25 servers and the vast amount of bugs which made the mods impossible to keep updated.
  10. Sydhart

    Things would like to see added to the game

    The merchant ship is a start but as with most other things, poorly implemented. You should be able to hail it so it will stop. You should be able to attack it and destroy it but then get a negative faction and attacked at Freeports unless you do something like pay a fine, complete a quest, etc. Just so many missed opportunities here.
  11. What the game needs is some sensible programmers and developers who know how to create an enjoyable and fun game and then program it correctly. For instance, Freeports should just be NO PVP period. PvP zones should be a thing. Factions should be a thing. Having some NPC's at other ports or points of interest or objective to "police" the game should be a thing. Right now it's a beautiful open world with empty towns and villages which is bad. A game with 100% player made content and PvP is not a viable option for this type of game.
  12. 8 hours is just a terrible idea, especially for new players. Who makes these gameplay decisions? Do they have any business acumen? Also, what's the decay time on ships out of Freeports? There's been 2 rafts by my base (one partially blocking my dock) that have been there for over a month now. One just has a storage chest and a campfire.
  13. Sydhart

    Skinners nuggets

    Skinner is the man!
  14. Sydhart

    Bear Says "NOPE"

    I would recommend upgrading to Brig asap. Much faster and much more versatile. Would recommend 1 Large Handling Sail and 2 Large Speed sails for versatility. You will take off faster and it does help you turn due to creeping sails up and down for wind acceleration while you turn while only losing maybe a 1-2 knots of speed at max wind. Most of the time though the frackin wind goes against the way you want to go so the handling sail comes in handy!
  15. Sydhart

    Ceiling Physics

    There has been some change recently because I now have ceiling tiles randomly go missing, both as floor pieces and top. I've had to rebuild ceilings differently in two different projects over the past week or so for them to "stick" and replace a ceiling floor on pillars with foundations that I had to stack 10 high in ONE piece of my base that were on top of pillars that kept disappearing as well. I hadn't had any problems until the last week.
  16. Didn't they hired a new lead designer in August?
  17. Sydhart

    When your ship sink....

    Similar to my first ship build except mine went flying halfway across the zone with me at the wheel. With us we had an invisible rock under ours. lol
  18. Sydhart

    Ceiling Tiles - Building Foundation Issue

    Having a similar and related issue I think. This is on Official NA PVE Grid E5. I had to redo a building roof 3 and part of a wall and floor tile times and three different ways to get it to "stick". I would build it out fine and then come back and randomly missing sections in the ceilings and parts of walls disappearing. These were all built on ceilings. I think it's a synching issue. I put the ceiling down and the game thinks it's ok but at some point it redraws things and then it's not "OK" anymore all parts connected to that piece that aren't supported by another part disappear (so anything on top and then connected sequentially). The wall section I finally had to fix by building foundations 4 high under it that one part. Some reason the game didn't like the pillar there even though it allowed me to build them up and stick a ceiling on it.
  19. Sydhart

    Structures and workbenches disappearing

    This is happening on official as well. I had to redo a building roof 3 times and three different ways to get it to work. Just randomly missing sections in the ceilings and parts of walls disappearing that were built on ceilings. I think it's a synching issue. I put the ceiling down and the game thinks it's ok but at some point it redraws things and then it's not "OK" anymore all parts connected to that piece that aren't supported by another part disappear (so anything on top and then connected sequentially).
  20. Sydhart

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    But there are new ships! Look in the mods section. If modders can make new ships there is no excuse except lack of caring or laziness from the Developers. Found the thread with one of the new ship designs.
  21. Sydhart

    New Way to Grief

    Sent in a ticket about this with no response so I'm going to share a fantastic way to grief others. We all know a foundation has a fairly short decay timer right? Well, if you want to truly be an asshole, you can stick a cheap storage box on top and effectively triple the decay timer on it. Even if the foundation is demolish-able, you can't do it as long as the storage chest is on it. So for 30+ days you can block someone from making any kind of building or expanding their base. Just sharing this because it needs to be fixed but no one seems to care.
  22. So if you put a small storage box on a foundation it gives the foundation an effective decay rate of 30 days. This needs to be changed.
  23. Sydhart

    Help pls

    I got a similar and had to do a file verification check through steam. There were some files that got corrupted or moved and that seemed to fix it for me. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  24. Sydhart

    Why are we being ignored?

    This is supporting my theory the the Xbox release was just a last ditch money grab to recoup some costs and now the game is being abandoned.
  25. Sydhart

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    I love to build in ARK and ATLAS and once that was introduced into the S+ mod in ARK I stopped playing Official servers and only played private servers that used that mod. This company and game could be SO MUCH more if they'd just pull their heads out of their asses and listened to the community. I would LOVE to see a company make a community driven game where they opened the code and had people build MODS. Hell, they could even pay the mod developer any time it was used in the live servers. It would be so much cheaper to develop a game like that than having a bunch of on staff programmers. That's my vision of what the future will be in game design. Think Ready Player One and the Oasis.