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    Where is 2x?

    I logged on with the intent to make some changes to some of our town, saw it wasn't 2x, and just lost all motivation. The normal rates are just too slow.
  2. Sydhart

    PvE ship claim

    Game would be so much more "piraty" if we could actually take stuff from others... Right now, how things stand, game is doomed.
  3. Sydhart

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    No he doesn't. You can't go from 0 to 100 in one week. Once you hit about level 70 it slows WAY down. I'm pretty sure only a few people in our company are level 100 even now and we have (had) a large company. I wasn't logging in every day but I've done every powerstone, killed both versions of Kraken, killed yeti, got all the essences, and finished all quests except Ghost ship and I'm still only lower 90's level after MONTH's. So no, you are all are completely incorrect on the ability to shortcut in this game. Also, with your all's reasoning, every time the game goes on sale, they should wipe right? Because you know, new players and stuff? It's ignorant thinking. The game will be unsustainable if levels determine PvP success and that is the true issue. They need to balance ALL combat and make it skill related, not level related. If they wipe characters, I'm out. I'm not grinding out all those Achievements a 3rd time. I'll rebuild bases, breed new tames, build new ships, but I'm not going back to all the god damned islands I've already discovered to get Master Cartographer again. Fuck that.
  4. Sydhart

    Are you old?

    Yes, I'm old and I prefer forums. As I've grown older, I know that many promises are complete bullshit if there are no details supporting them. The details are important. Younger generations, they don't care about details (I didn't either when I was younger tbh). They just want the summary in as simplistic a manner as possible. Older people are typically more conservative so we prefer more detail and the ability to digest it and forums give us that ability. But also, you will see most companies (and politicians) won't put things in writing because they don't want to be held accountable.
  5. I didn't watch the stream because I knew it was going to be all smoke and mirrors. Based on what I've read about the "live" stream and what I've seen in the last few months, this ship is sinking and we they don't have enough mats to repair it. They are just going to try to eek a few more dollars from the console sales and then scuttle this mofo to the bottom of the ocean.
  6. Sydhart

    How to remove paint from sails?

    Yeah, last time I tried soap on my sails it didn't work. I painted my sails red, white, and blue for the 4th and then tried to redo my dragons that I had previously and even after repainting all white you can still see the red and blue outlines.
  7. Sydhart

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Those "Theme Park MMO's" are still going FYI and there's still content to do. The way Atlas is going it won't make it to release. Also, at no point did I say fast travel to anywhere. I said remove the 2 hour sailing times by being able to go from Freeport to Freeport. Hell, I don't even care if you make less Freeports and break the map up into sixths or something. But if you want to waste 2 hours doing nothing but navigating a ship to get 1 powerstone or go help people kill the Kraken or kill the yeti, be my guest. I'd rather play a different game where I don't have to waste a shit ton of time doing absolutely nothing and go spend more time outside or with my family.
  8. Sydhart

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    But I'm talking about taking your ship with you. Logistics wise there's really no difference in zoning and fast travel and just takes a bit of coding. When we enter different zones, the server has to download you and your ship and upload it to the new zone (server). Right now, if I am in D5 (where our Company's main base is) and I get a quality 20+ map down in L14 (which happens A LOT!), I have to sail through approximately 9 full zones sailing diagonally. On average sailing across a zone is 10 minutes. That's 90 minutes! With a fast travel system where you could also take your ship, I could sail to E4, talk to an NPC at the docks about chartering a voyage to L12 Freeport, and fast travel with my ship to that Freeport. Instead of sailing through 9 zones, I only need to sail through 4. Their should be a fee to do this. I'd gladly pay 100 gold to save myself 50 minutes of time doing nothing but sailing and playing dodge the SoTD while I work on my flotsam grappling skills or playing shoot my friend out of the crows nest. Hell, right now if I run out of silver, I have to travel across 5 zones to get more. With the Freeport ship travel, it would be 3. That's like 20 minutes of time saved. This is one of the reasons I started playing No Man's Sky again. I can travel ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEMS in the blink of an eye and fly planet to planet within 10 to 30 seconds and once I'm there, there's still plenty of travel and exploring. Don't give me the shit about well that's a space game and they have hyper drives and shit. They ADDED those into the game so you weren't spending all your damned time flying. I know they want to make Atlas realistic but I don't want to spend 90% of my time sailing between islands. I've spent 900+ hours in Atlas so far and my duty in my company was to explore and find resource outposts and mark discoveries. That's what a majority of my time was spent doing since the wipe. In all that time I've personally sailed to only about 25% of the islands. I'd say adding some Fast travel between Freeports will not diminish the game for the average player whatsoever.
  9. Sydhart

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    I've suggested this before but instead of speeding up sailing, make fast travel an option. Freeports need to be, well, more. So add the ability to fast travel to and from them. Once you've traveled to it once then you should be able to go to a Freeport and then be able to fast travel to other Freeports that you've visited. This would greatly reduce the time to travel across the map. In addition to this Freeports should be vendor hubs (preset stalls for different types of things and all connected). They could also have pens where you can sell and buy animals. Quests should also be available here such as deliver 1,000 Silk, etc.
  10. Sydhart

    Griefing went too far

    Oh the humanity! That's just too much! LOL
  11. Sydhart

    It's not too late.

    Harsh and inappropriate. I know you are mad that the game isn't living up to the hype and promises yet but I've had the pleasure of knowing one of the members of this team and they are good people. Big changes take time. Look at No Man's Sky as mentioned above. It's taken them approximately 6 years to get where they are now. Change will come and hopefully they will find their way.
  12. Sydhart

    It's not too late.

    Yep, I've stopped playing Atlas and gone back to No Man's Sky for now. Hopefully Grapeshot will listen to the community and consider some of the great suggestions provided here. Right now there is no reason to even login to the game and if things don't change there won't ever be a reason again.
  13. Sydhart

    Livestream Q&A

    Right now there is a lot of concern over Atlas and what it is and where it's going. Is there an updated vision for Atlas? Is it possible to get a road map from the developers? e.g https://fix.pubg.com/ What is good in PvP life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women. Done that and now we have nothing to do. We raise their fleets and destroy their base and then they quit? How is that going to make a sustainable player base? What are your plans for incentives and accountability? Many, many, many people have asked for combining PvE and PvP and given great suggestions, myself included. Are you even considering doing this? Why separate the player base? Why is decay of structures forced into the game? Can you not allow the player base to clean up things? This has created all kinds of nuisances including but not limited to people not reliably being able to take a break and helpful structures such as ramps to treasure maps auto destroying. If someone quits, let us be pirates and pillage their items. We should be able to destroy structures and get resources. We should be able to take over ships that are abandoned and either sink em or salvage them. Auto decay is awful.
  14. Factions - Make 4-8 factions (e.g. swashbucklers, corsairs, imperials) and make a small cluster of zones for each faction as starter zones and safe areas. Everything else is lawless, golden age ruins, etc PvP faction objectives, add garrison control points in Lawless and the faction that controls them get specialized quests from outposts (like obtain a cyclops eye or hydra blood) and can access specialized vendors there (for cosmetics) Rewards or at least some reason for PvP. Kill so many players of the Swashbuckler factions Combining PvP and PvE systems into the same game. This can be done by making factions! Freeports - This is where you can turn in quests from the special quests obtained from the control point garrisons above Centralized vendor systems - an auctioneer type system like WoW. Animals pens you can purchase breed animals from Quality of Life- Being able to move great quantities of resources from one container to another container without popcorning Fast travel - once you've been to a Freeport you can now fast travel between them. Make Freeports every 6 zones or so
  15. Once upon a time, we had a flourishing company of swashbuckling gents and ladies that worked together tirelessly to build a harbor with stunning docks filled with ships, a town bustling with activity, and a castle to hold our treasures and defend our people. The area around it was surrounded with individual villas, farms, and breeding grounds scattered throughout the island. People would visit our island and stop to trade or come in and ask to settle and we would happily help get them established. We had explorers who went out and established outposts for trading and farming of rare resources. We built amazing structures that spanned vast chasms and reached to the highest heights that helped our fellow adventurers find vast treasures that they wouldn't otherwise have been able to reach. But those days are long gone. Our island has nothing but ghosts of memories left. The animals have become feral again and the structures and beautiful galleons have started to decay. What was once a utopia has now become ruins. It wasn't anything to travel into town and then immediately set off on a grand adventure to go kill a mythical hydra and secure a powerstone, to battle high level Ships of the Damned, to hunt giant whales, to explore and discovery vast treasures, or hunt and tame dangerous creatures. But now we shout out and hear nothing but an echo. Our cries for companionship and camaraderie fall on nothing but the ears of the damned and they laugh at our sadness. What is now to become of our world? Yep, that's just kind of how I've felt for the last few weeks logging on. Our company once had 50+ people with 20+ being logged in at any given time but now we're down to 2-3 being on. Many took breaks with promises to login every few days to take care of stuff but haven't been back for weeks and then come on and find that their ships are missing (even the ones that were in our port within our settlements) and probably won't ever be back. It just sucks more and more every day and gets harder to login and try to hop around to the ships and structures we have left to keep them from disappearing or to keep the animals and ship crews fed and paid.
  16. Sydhart

    Safe havens and companies.

    I was going to say Blackstorm Raiders on EU PvE on D5, D6, and A8 will not raze. Our only requirement for settlers is to login to our Discord and post that you would like to settle. That way we have a way to contact you. We also encourage you to hop onto Discord and actively participate in our community. Things have been slow as of late but we frequently do Hydra and Power stone runs, Ice Cave, and Kraken. If you help with Hydra we will split the mythos. We also have a great trade system and a great breeding program.
  17. Sydhart

    A modest proposal regarding the land claim system

    @Jatheish I'm betting there are more than a few of us who are willing to assist in this kind of area who don't even need to be paid. Send me a t-shirt and I'll happily assist the awesome group of GM's you already have. Heck, I'd even be willing to work under that guy Voodoo. We have a normal player account and a limited admin account. Our admin account only has the ability to invis, fast travel, and noclip. We could do the initial investigation and then if some action needs to be taken we can elevate the request to a GM who can take action. I've admin'd multiple games like this and the system works. People will volunteer to work for something they love and will do a great job. I'm a high school volleyball coach on the side and I always have graduated/graduating girls who are willing to assist with youth camps, practice, open gyms, etc.
  18. Agreed. 3 would be the minimum for this type of system. I think splitting the map up into 1/4 or 1/8. Leave a zone around each faction section that would be Lawless/PvP. Rarer exotic resources would spawn in this area and this is where the new Encampments would also be. Freeports would also be interspersed through the game on the edges of the Lawless zones. Freeports not only have the vendors for cosmetics but you can also "fast travel" with your ship to another freeport. This would GREATLY reduce sailing time. Basically Freeports would be able to get you within 2-3 grids of any location in the map. How awesome would that be. I'm in D5 and need to get to L11. Instead of 7 zones that you have to travel through you'd only need 3!
  19. DaOC, Guild Wars 2, & ESO would disagree with you. The PvE and PvP were good in all 3 of those games.
  20. Both PvE and PvP lack substance and longevity. I started on PvP and soon got bored because there is no point to the PvP in Atlas. There's no reward system, there's no ladder system, there's no accountability. It's one big grief fest. I switched to PvE because I could at least experience the other content and build without having people use exploits just to ruin my day. I've said this half a dozen times already but they need to combine PvE and PvP. PvP should be restricted to certain areas (grids). They need to add at least 3 factions. Those PvP areas (or outposts) as I've referred to them in other posts, should have objectives (garrisons or flags) that allow a factions to fight over for control and then that opens up special quests, reward vendors in a neutral (safe) area, and rare materials. Golden Age ruins should work the same.
  21. Sydhart

    Bad day for company of Floie

    There were only boats parked everywhere because of the stupid anti-grief system where we couldn't board them and claim them. Make them claimable and that solves the problem right there. Honestly, I had a ton of fun after they announced the wipe of just exploring areas and claiming others stuff that had left the game. Make it that way again. Let us be pirates and explorers ffs!
  22. Sydhart

    Bad day for company of Floie

    They need to increase the time and get rid of auto decay. I noticed this weekend a lot of ramps and stuff that people spent a long time making to help the community access map locations on top of cliffs and stuff accessible have now auto-decayed and it SUCKS! More and more people are just going to leave as this stuff keeps happening. You're going to be left with a beautiful open world filled with NOTHING. Ships should not auto decay either. Allow us to claim them if they are abandoned. We can choose to make it our own, hold onto it in case my friendly neighbor does come back, or break it down for mats. Auto decay is stupid. LET THE PLAYERS TAKE CARE OF IT!
  23. Sydhart

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    This is just getting worse with the auto decay. We had built plenty of ramps and there were tons of ramps built by others to some of these difficult locations but with the stupid auto decay those ramps are disappearing. This game is seriously taking a steep nosedive.
  24. Sydhart

    Ice dungeon EU pve

    Just want to confirm that this is Friday the 5th? I'm in CST so 1:30 PM CST. I've killed the yeti but there are some in the Company that still need it and I'd love to come help. It's a really fun fight.
  25. Reposting my ideas from some other threads. You need to consider an upkeep building (like the tax bank) to fix foundation spamming and control building areas better.The building would be similar to the old claim flag in that it covers an area and anything built in that area is supported (maintained) by the building. Each building item requires a daily upkeep (a % of the building materials) and will pull from the building to maintain the structures. This protects the structures and keeps them from decaying. The building will hold at max 10-20 days of upkeep. It should display what the max capacity is and how many days of upkeep you have. Simple mathematical calculations. If you don't keep materials in the "building maintenance house", then they decay and eventually get destroyed. Also should consider the idea of merging PvP and PvE. It makes no sense to have a completely PvE side and PvP side in this type of game with this many servers. Before the wipe I played on some private servers that had PvE zones and PvP zones (by server). This is similar to Dark of Camelot frontiers. You could also add some faction system (Imperial, Merchants, Explorers Guild, Swashbucklers, Corsairs, etc), then make certain Lawless zones an outpost zone that are PvP. A faction can control a zone by capturing the outpost (envision raising and guarding a claim flag in certain areas on land AND at sea to encourage sea battles). At the end of a certain time sequence, the Faction who controls the most flags has control of the outpost for a certain time period. This opens up special vendors and quest NPC's. Quest rewards and turn-ins could then be done in Freeports for those factions. This would be similar to Elder Scrolls Online. Golden Age Ruins can work the same as Outposts for Powerstones quest. Have to control the Golden Age Ruins to turn in keystone for Powerstone in cave and use Fountain of Youth quest.