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  1. not to mention a boost to the server! one of my mates lagged the area for a good minute and a half from ONE WIPE with the elephant! I will absolutely +1 this!
  2. there is the option of contesting the territory of those around the claim, or merging with surrounding claims...
  3. I play with a 4-8 man group on unofficial servers and we have been running into issues with having entire islands claimed, as we all know. now, on most standard servers, we could just jump in and contest the claims, but there are servers that have this mechanic turned off due to it's use as a greifing mechanic. I would like to offer the following suggestions and ideas that i feel would benefit the claim system while ignoring whether or not the ability to claim a contest is on or off. 1) Limit the number of Flags to one per person, and allow the player to adjust a setting in their company tab to either keep their flag for personal use, or to allow the company commander to place it under the company ownership. Each flag would be tagged with the name of the player owner and would be put down in the order that the player joined the company. if at any point the player leaves the company, their flag is unclaimed by the company and becomes contestable by the company with the usual restrictions. 2) Upkeep. A company's first flag is free and requires no upkeep. this represents their Primary base. additional flags would require an upkeep of (for example) 1g per hour per flag number. so the first flag would cost 1, second flag would cost 2. so having 10 flags up would cost, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9, or 45G per hour. this could easily be represented as Taxes and permits to the main authority. Allow the company commander to re-designate any flag as the Primary flag for a nominal fee. With maps producing 200+ and up to 1200g each, i do not see these costs as prohibitive, especially with a 5-10 man crew. 3) Limit flags to 1 per person or company. Have the boundary of the flag expand as more people join the company, so a 1 man company cannot take over a large island, but a 500 man company would. if the boundary of the claim were based upon sq ft and not Radius size, each person would be worth the same amount of space, but the radius would experience diminishing returns. a real world example is that a 2" pipe can handle ~4x the volume as a 1" pipe, meaning in order to double the radius from the base claim, it would take 4 people.
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