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    Unknown-Warriors are recruiting............. We are a small group of active players looking for more members to join our ranks........... Server: NA PVE Gorgons Gaze........ Location: O5............ We try to run Daily/Weekly company events from maps to endgame content...... Requirements: Discord and mic....... Contact me on Discord: Blackorin#1752

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    NA PvE Server---- Arrr!!, I am Captain Ishamael of the Company Unknown-Warriors and I'm in need of new Pirates for our crews!! We be looking for pirates that are looking to join a helpful company of fellow scurvy dogs! We have many jobs available, pay well and the grog is free!!! If ye've found ye self struggling out on the isles to make it we've got a good home for you!! We take care of our own and ware to any who cross us ARRR!!! (Role Play Aside LoL) We have a bunch of great folks working together to learn the game and help each other out with things. At the time of this post we have 27 members and plenty of room for more!! I personally have 2,000 + hours in Ark and we have people in the group as many or more hours and some that have never played Ark and are learning everything from scratch. We are enjoying PvE and plan to in the next few months maybe go over to PvP in a few months. If you are interested in joining up add me on steam or hop on our Discord we'd love to have ya!! Short Term Goals = 1. Working on building boats and making booty!! 2. Getting to know each other and working out a ranking system. 3. Learn all aspects of the game. Long Term Goals = 1. Form a group of people that can work together efficiently and move to the PvP servers and Conquer the WORLD!!! (just joking about the world part but would be really cool if it happened lol) 2. Make friends to play games with beyond Atlas!! Company Name = Unknown-Warrios Company Leader = Ishamael Rahvin (aka Soul) Company Leader Steam ID = uwsoulreaper Company Discord = https://discord.gg/6CMqpeJ Age = 18+ Most active Game times = Weekdays 5pm - 2am Cst Weekends 12pm - until

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