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  1. Network: NA PVE Grid: Every grid I've traveled to. Description of issue: Upon joining the server, changing grids, fast traveling my ping goes to 255. The game is incredibly laggy. Interacting with anything seems to queue up actions and then they will happen in like 20 sec intervals. A lot of times if I disconnect and reconnect I can get it to go away, my normal ping is around 70. Once my ping is normal it will stay there until I change zones by either sailing or fast traveling. If I stay in my current zone I can stay on for hours and not have an issue. I have google fiber with a gig down/up. In this particular video the ping mysteriously cleared up on it's own, usually I have to disconnect and reconnect to get it to go away. The issue started several patches ago and has plagued me ever since. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: Here is my speedtest to show my internet speed.
  2. Seems like not many people reporting this issue. Need to have everyone experiencing the issue report it so maybe we can get a fix. I really can't play anymore because of it.
  3. I've been having this exact same issue started like you said awhile ago after a patch. It makes it really difficult to play the game. I disconnect and connect and it will usually go away. Sometimes it goes away after a few reconnects, sometimes takes more. I have 2 different PC's and they both do it. One of my PC"s is in a DMZ on google fiber, other is behind a Norton Core router.
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