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  1. ShoulderRabbit

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    I'm confused, I agree Large cannon builds are over powered. Also, I'm saying I can't discuss it further with you. I have no experience of the situation at which you speak. I don't run slow ships, people don't just magically catch up and broad side me, when they get close to me, I turn my back towards them, they either turn away (meaning I've gained distance from them again) or they get hit in the face by 10 large cannon balls. Sometimes there are misses, but if they don't turn away (which is exactly what I want) then they take a full volley. I'm making the assuming that you understand that you cant shoot large cannons forward as far as a rear boat can shoot them backwards - Not physically, but as the fight moves. Additionally, Schooners have the worst turning circles of all ships. In Storms then you can't always turn, because the cyclone pulls have more ability to change your direction than you do.
  2. ShoulderRabbit

    New pvp changes are trash.

    Assuming your right, I'm still not sure. Seems vague thus why I asked. That's meaning our core EU players can be free to attack people the entire raid period because it's easier to have our 15/20 thai guys do the protecting in their timezone. Definitely another helping hand for the megas. Albeit, feel sorry for the guys that don't play in the popularly unprotected timezones, they'll be bored out their minds of PVE. Potential death of the game inc.
  3. ShoulderRabbit

    New pvp changes are trash.

    So large/mega companies claim the Islands. All the small companies move in expecting protection, get taxed to cover the costs of the island for the next few months, and still get offline raided/wiped in the first few weeks. Because now they're the only target of raiders. E.g. I cant hit my actually enemies this evening, screw it, lets crap on some small companies living nearby instead.
  4. ShoulderRabbit

    New pvp changes are trash.

    I don't believe the players have god mode. Only the structures. EDIT: Nevermind! I was wrong. Just checked the notes.
  5. ShoulderRabbit

    New pvp changes are trash.

    So short term, all of the small companies living on someone else's land can get offline raided freely as before. So the 'one cannon bear' attacks as people put it, will still be viable. Doesn't this just follow the same trend as before? All this patch is doing is securing the large/mega companies further into controlling an Island. Stagnating the game.
  6. ShoulderRabbit

    New pvp changes are trash.

    Question: For example Company A owns the island, and they have company B living on the island. Can a random company come and smash B, independent of A's protected timer? Or does B get to have their own timers? In short, is the timer tied to ownership of an Island's claim.
  7. Weak discussion technique there. I'll take that as your surrender.
  8. ShoulderRabbit

    Come on, how did you NOT expect a wipe???

    I'm really glad for a wipe, hopefully with a few decent press releases they might gain a bit of hype for the game again. Now there's a bit of information out about the game. People can actually be informed what Atlas is and what it could be. Instead of a fancy trailer and a release a few weeks later.
  9. ShoulderRabbit

    New pvp changes are trash.

    My hope is that they make it so that attacking during this period is slightly easier. So they can remove all the previous changes that were set up to help defenders during offline attacks. E.g. Puckles need reverting.
  10. This is one of those forum posts you hope the OP comes back to argue further ...
  11. ShoulderRabbit

    Playing now or wait for the wipe ...

    Waiting for March. Going to hunt around for a new company to play in. Mix things up a bit.
  12. ShoulderRabbit

    Piracy tree rework

    I'm interested, although with the new hype for making anchored ships harder to damage. How would you fit that in with stealing ships? Also, swivel gun npc's will be a huge issue.
  13. Tad rude, I shall reply similarly. The Eve mention was just to clear up the incorrect/lacking information people keep spouting on here, and how it could be retro fitted onto this game in a similar fashion. There are comparable aspects but I don't mind following your lead on shutting down discussion on a forum for discussion. Stalin. We're playing a game entirely based around killing, looting and gathering. Yes I'm interested in free/easy loot. Anyone who honestly believes otherwise is playing on the PVE server. Or actually, the diplo game. Who isn't looking for efficient ways to gather the resources required? - The alternative is plain stupidity. Yes, people use tactics to defend. I'd suggest you look up the definition of tactic, it's quite broad. What you're doing right now, is a tactic. I have an issue with being able to instantly place a 10k hp stone wall minutes after it's just been blown out. I imagine anyone that's actually attacked a base has an issue with this too. Again, another person putting words in the other persons mouth to suit their argument. What I was saying, and I'll put it slowly because maybe you didn't grasp it the first time was: If you're fighting against a player, 1v1. Then sure that seems like a good fight. If you're fighting against a player, 1v1 + a puckle or three. That seems like a bad fight. What's the alternative if you're trying to gain something? Just fighting the puckles and not the additional player. Why is this important in the sphere of 'pvp'? Because most of the players on this game don't leave there bases for long. Especially without anything of value, out of fear of losing said items (BP's, green/blue/purples, rare resources). Which is (written above) the main goal of these sorts of games, kill and loot. Now the reason why loot is important, and why the whole 'greed' over actual 'pvp' arguement is a lie. Is that if people just wanted kills, they'd sit in the freeport with a cannon boat and follow out players on rafts and sloops till they leave the grid. It's the easiest way to find players, track and kill them. FYI people did actually do that in the first month of the game.
  14. @Mike L You've made a huge amount of assumptions and accusations from a very simply put, bullet point list. -Shock and Awe, involves getting mortared. -Fun strats are fun when it's not your 6th hour attacking a well supplied and active base when they're additionally doing naked runs placing fresh walls/gliding in to barrel your multiple cannon bears/throwing oil jars to impede you're process before placing an instant 100% hp wall. Unfortunately, it gets down to attrition. - A naked with a wall costs the attacker another 26 odd cannon balls and can be done every minute or two. The respawn timer is a minute or two depending on how long since your last death. If anything, I hope you understand how unbalanced this action is. - The ground war is never over when you're invading active players - Online players respawn, they don't stop once you've beaten them once. - Half the time bases are up on cliffs and unassailable by bears (assuming the defender has brains). Meaning you need to bring grenades which are heavy, low damage and costly depending on where you are. Add the extremely high chances of multiple crossing puckles to be killed before you can even start on the base. -Why would you ever kill a whale after the discovery points? It's much much much more efficient to do common maps in your own grid with a tame. Gather them over 3 days, you'll get multiple on the same locations. Didn't say that, that's entirely you putting words in my mouth. Hopefully that covers all of your reply. Also, I've been wiped twice by being online raided. It's not glorious or fun either, because it usually requires a huge imbalance in the amount of players, forcing a lag fest. Which in turn irritates the defenders more when they get teleported out of their own grid.
  15. ShoulderRabbit

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    Could change it so that ships standard cant have many large cannons. So that instead of every boat stacking 'weight' they need to stack points into 'large cannons'. Would be a double hit to the large cannon meta making them deliberately slower. It's not like any of these boats ever put points in slower sinking/reduced crew costs or extra beds. (or very few to cover my butt against the most pedantic)