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  1. Moetel

    What will it take ?

    I played Guild Wars, it added new content and never wipe, I agree. But Guild Wars was not a sandbox where players can build on maps. Same for WoW. Same for Elder Scrolls Online. I played those game. Use examples that have similarities when you're using examples.
  2. Moetel

    What will it take ?

    I had a whole (small) island with my company, wasn't looking for more lands to own because they were no interest to do so. In the other hand, I was for a wipe too, so no, I am not someone lazy to look for lands, nor wanted a area someone else owns. The wipe is necessary tho, as long as the maps will drastically change. The only thing that saddens me is the deletion of claims in PvE (or even if claims still existed, the fact that this does not protect anymore from griefers building around your base or on ressource spots...) If the devs keeps on their way about this, i'm not gonna play anymore.
  3. Moetel

    is this a bug or no? Is this a bug or not?

    Boats are decaying fast when docked at a freeport, so it's normal. This process was made to prevent players to close a freeport by blocking access with boats imo.
  4. Moetel

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    Here's a quick screenshot made after departing our island.
  5. Moetel

    V15 ETA ?

    Wow. Time passed quickly. Dunno it was already late february!
  6. Moetel

    Wind Sail Dependent?

    The boats were not parallel, so as long as the wind indicator shows depending of the boat orientation, it may change from a boat to another (wind indicator always show the boat poiting up)
  7. Moetel

    Joining Failed : Connection Timeout

    Here's a quick fix I found yesterday on the forums: - Open steam and browse favorite servers. - Search for Atlas Official servers - Direct connect to that server. - If the timeout issue is not solved, try another Atlas server.
  8. Moetel


    Same problem here Server: EU PVE - Sirens Call Region: Atlas_D5 Company Name: 69th Pirate Legion Current server version: v9.2 Additional information: Got all members kicked out company, stuck inside buildings after 9.11 update. Created a new company with the same name to try to open doors, not working. Died then back to Freeports. We arrived at D5 when the hotfix was applied for companies issues, after that hotfix, lands are considered not ours, even if the crew name and owner name is the same. Regards,