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  1. I told the same but they didn't propose even one respec. No information before patch and no help after. Great
  2. They dont care. I have the same issue
  3. The same problem. They don't care i wrote about this 100 times
  4. I have the same problem. They don't care. I already wrote about this. I have level 50 and 51 without respec and can do nothing. Where is additional 50 levels?
  5. they nerfed firearms against animals. what will be nerfed next?
  6. Im also have the same problem on the same level after level up from 49 to 50
  7. After last patch (10.55) my game crashing after 10-15 sec. Its sth connected to graphic card because there is info that is "out of video memory" (nvidia 1070).
  8. We all need break. This game became a game abot sitting on island because of ghost ships, whales and no wind.
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